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  • Can Big Data gives an advantage over the competition?

    Research by McKinsey showed that businesses that take full advantage of Big data stand the chance to realize a 60% increase in their operating margins. According to the research, if the US healthcare use big data creatively and effectively, they can drive efficiency and quality in the sector in the tune of $300 billion in […] More

  • 8 Ways to Grow Your Business with Social Media

    Social media is now used for multiple purposes. There was a time when people just used it for communication, connecting with the new and professional people and to spend their time. But now the teams behind social media platforms have improved their networks and made them business-friendly. All of the social networking sites are now […] More

  • How ERP is transforming the art & science of social selling?

    Who knew, what began as a medium to connect and stay in touch with folks would evolve beyond our imaginations. Yes, it is the ‘social media’ platform, which has become one of the most integral aspects of our lives. Today, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to come across a wide number of businesses leveraging […] More

  • Business Setup allows Entrepreneurs to Setup Business

    Beginning a journey with startup in a country like India involves more than 10 registrations and seven tax and labour laws to comply with every proceeding month. Therefore, the process seems tedious and expensive. Further, it is also very complex for an entrepreneur to concentrate on innovation and creativity, while ensuring 100 percent conformity. While […] More

  • NeoGrowth wins the coveted title at Future of L&D Summit & Awards 2019

    NeoGrowth, India’s leading NBFC lending to the under-served MSMEs, was recently awarded the ‘Best Learning Strategy of the Year Award’for implementing new and innovative learning strategy, employee on-boarding and development program for employees. The award was presented at the 3rd edition of Future of L&D Summit & Awards, conceptualized and curated by UBS Forums, India’s largest platform […] More

  • A Few Worries And Ethical Considerations For Fintech

    Fintech is the future of financial services but there is a certain amount of worries regarding its effects in the banking sector. It is for this reason people are more concerned about the ethics of Fintech. Over the years, Fintech has rapidly become the backbone of the buying and investing habits of the consumers. There […] More

  • Blockchain Technology Trends In 2019

    We know how the technologies are evolving, growing and changing day by day and thus it is essential to opt for the technology that is currently trending in the market and accordingly growing your business in the suitable trending technology. Blockchain technology is also in the new one and just in the trend from last […] More

  • Increase Organic Traffic to Your Business Using Local B2B SEO Strategies

    Small business owners are always looking for ways to boost online traffic to their websites. Industry experts say they should consider implementing local business-to-business (B2B) SEO strategies. It’s a convenient way for these entrepreneurs to introduce their brand products to a large online audience. They may even be successful in converting some of many of […] More

  • What is Augmented Data Science and Its Important to My Business

    If Data Science was once the sole domain of analysts and data scientists, Augmented Data Science represents the democratized view of this domain. With Augmented Data Science, the average business user can engage with advanced analytics tools that allow for automated machine learning (AutoML) and leverage sophisticated analytical techniques and algorithms in a guided environment […] More

  • India’s startup ecosystem magnetized towards B2B startups 

    Umesh Sachdev, 33, knows a well sophisticated way to work the steps. The co-founder of Uniphore Software Systems, a little-known, Chennai-based startup that is known to use technologies like speech recognition for lending a hand on enhancing user experience for enterprises that manage to get hold of a formidable brand ambassador who also performs duties […] More

  • Digital Transformation in Small Businesses

    Do you remember the time when taxi sharing companies were not yet arrived? Back then, social media channels were struggling to make their way to the prevailing audience. Businesses were not into the implementation of a various mobile strategy or social media strategy and have limited customer engagement channels to deal with. No one can ever visualize that type of world […] More

  • How A Serviced Office Can Speed Up Your Work Flow

    Finding new office space that can accommodate your business’s needs can take several months and can be quite an orchestration. In fact, for many who have traversed the path of the looking for office space in an environment that provides a mixed bag of choices, searching for office space can take at least nine months, […] More

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