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  • Tata, Cisco Redefine Enterprise Networking Solution

    TCS which is a major IT company and Cisco, which is a San Jose, based networking provider has now partnered to provide with a new managed software defined wide area network solution for the enterprises both on-premise and cloud, the firm revealed in a statement. The solution which has been developed from the Tata communications […] More

  • Artificial Intelligence,Blockchain: The Future of Digital Signatures

    There will be a day when people would look back in time and remember the days when they used the paper signatures to validate legal documents, activate credit cards, and sign an agreement. The digitalization has changed every aspect of our lives and it was inevitable that people had to let go of paper signature […] More

  • Huawei launches world’s first AI cloud database product

    With respect to the growing international scrutiny over its equipment business of the telecom, Huawei which is a Chinese firm has now launched an Artificial Intelligence backed database management product for the large enterprises. Called by the name as a gaussDB, the product works on the premises and cloud both and marks the entry of […] More

  • Dell introduces new solutions for cloud, and edge computing

    Dell, which is an Information technology services provider has now revealed a new set of solutions for the core and edge computing at the Dell technologies World 2019 Conferences in the Las Vegas, according to the report which has been revealed. The customers of Dell can use the solutions on the private and public clouds, […] More

  • NetApp rolls out offerings for hybrid, multi-cloud environments

    NetApp, which is an enterprise data storage has now revealed an Ontap 9.6 and new AFF A320 storage system platforms for the multi-cloud and hybrid environments that will be going to help its customers with the great speed, scalability, and better performance. The platform will work across all the private, public, hybrid and multi-cloud and […] More

  • Why Cloud Computing is Important for Mobile Apps

    One of the most evident evolution in the field of technology is Cloud Computing. It has been accomplished and permeated by almost 85 percent population all over the globe today. It has been reported that the use of cloud computing technology in every industry is profitable as improvement in security is witnessed after switching to […] More

  • Benefits Of Financial Service Companies From Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing benefits to Financial Service Companies

    The are plenty of reasons for moving to the cloud and it makes good business sense. Cloud computing gained more prominence in the IT field and financial industries avoid this mainly because of security. With the advancement of security in the financial sector, its time for financial industries to switch to cloud computing. There are […] More

  • Dell and Microsoft expand partnership through VMware

    Microsoft and Dell Technologies have explained their collaboration by providing a VMWare cloud infrastructure on the Microsoft Azure platform. Dell which also owns a majority stake in the software visualization firm VMWare. Azure is a Microsoft cloud computing platform. “At Microsoft, we’re focused on empowering customers in their digital transformation journey, through partnerships that enable […] More

  • Motilal Oswal redesigns IT infra with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS

    Nutanix which is an enterprise cloud computing software has now deployed its cloud solution at the Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd on the redesign the latter information technology infrastructure. Nutanix said that it will also installed a new hyper-converged virtualized software solution for the multi-cloud ecosystem that will also enable a centralized management solution while […] More

  • Unlimit Enters into a Strategic Partnership with Dynamic Cloud

    Reliance Group, Unlimit Internet of Things Service provider revealed that it now partnering with Saudi Arabia based IT service firm Dynamic Cloud to deliver the solutions in the region of the Middle Eastern part. The company revealed in a joint statement that the partnership that will not only help to serve the customers in the […] More

  • Nutanix initiative encourages Indian women to rejoin workforce

    Nutanix which is an enterprise cloud computing has now revealed a programme that is also aimed at encouraging the women who have taken a career break from the family reasons to rejoin the workforce. The initiative which is called by the name as WomEncore, will provide the women reskilling support for the latest innovative digital […] More

  • TCS, Google join hands to build industry-specific cloud solutions

    TCS which is the software consultancy firm has now partnered with the Google Cloud to build digital solutions on the following platforms. TCS has also added that the industry-specific solutions will help the enterprises firms with the digital transformation and the personalized experience for the end customers. TCS also said that the businesses are looking […] More

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