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  • Learning about Blockchain and Bitcoin

    If you are wondering about joining the loop of blockchain space and not have an iota of an idea how to go about it, then let us tell you that it is quite simple. You just have to study the relevant computer science fields that are responsible for the genesis of blockchain technology. These underlying […] More

  • Facebook: Launching its own cryptocurrency to vanguard in M-commerce

    Over the last few years, the much-debated issue of online-platform is “The importance of cryptocurrency and its impacts on the M-commerce”. Cryptocurrency – an innovative, rebellious and futuristic way of transacting has ultimately turned into a noteworthy payment method. Nowadays, most of the smartphone shoppers keen to use cryptocurrencies, as a result, it became essential to […] More

  • Machine Learning Will Change Every Business Sector

    Businesses in the world are rapidly evolving and there’s a significant need for automation-related applications and software, given the fact that the modern era’s technology has reached a point in which it’s possible to implement autonomous, self-learning features within such software, let’s analyse how machine learning will impact every business sector from 2019 and beyond. […] More

  • Blockchain Technology Trends

    Blockchain Technology Trends In 2019

    Blockchain Technology Trends In 2019 – We know how the technologies are evolving, growing and changing day by day and thus it is essential to opt for the technology that is currently trending in the market and accordingly growing your business in the suitable trending technology. Blockchain technology is also in the new one and […] More

  • Mudrex aids Cryptocurrency Trading without Blockchain

    The US and Bengaluru-based fintech startup, Mudrex, grew an operation as a platform which automates the procedure of cryptocurrency trading. The startup, that earlier shut down its crypto exchange, back before its launch due to RBI’s stance against crypto trading, then made over the platform and is currently unriddling the ‘pain point’ of crypto traders. […] More

  • cryptocurrencies

    How Businesses Use Cryptocurrencies To Increase Revenue

    Blockchain technology has introduced the new monetary exchange in the form of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash etc… Several ICO, cryptocurrency and blockchain development companies are battling against each other to win the race and stand strong in crypto competition. Many more compaines have started paying attention towards dApps. However, many business owners are […] More

  • AI can help in predicting cryptocurrency value

    Since 2008, Cryptocurrencies have walked a long way to make its impact on the market. From zero to $400bn, the cryptocurrencies market has touched the sky in a decade. Started with only Bitcoin, there are now more than 3,000 cryptocurrencies in the market. So was it an easy way to get this market value? Clearly […] More

  • Government panel in favor of lifting India’s crypto ban

    India is soon going to lift the ban on the cryptocurrencies like the Ethereum, Bitcoin, the Central government forms ripple as the second interdisciplinary committee on the cryptocurrencies in India is likely to recommend lifting the ban and merely regularize it. The committee which submits its recommendations to the finance ministry around the Feb 2019, […] More

  • Facebook said to develop cryptocurrency for WhatsApp transfers

    Facebook is now working on making a cryptocurrency that will let users transfer money on its famous and popular messaging app Whatsapp, which is focusing first on the remittances market in India according to the people which is familiar with the matter. The company is working on building and developing a stable coin, a type […] More

  • Forget Bitcoin, Blockchain is the Future

    Be it Bitcoin or Ethereum, all cryptocurrencies use the distributed ledger technology called Blockchain. Since 2013 till 2017 the gross number of global users of cryptocurrencies has increased from about 3 million to 6 million. This is because the payment fees around bitcoin is much less, below 2% or even 0% compared to the normal […] More

  • New CryptoCell Security IP Reduces Meets Chinese Crypto Standards

    Arm which has made up its is announced its most comprehensive CryptoCell security IP, has also aimed at performant systems, to till today’s date. CryptoCell-713 is as of now highly focused on several use cases, with the new Inter Protocol which is also offering an outstanding level of security and targeting a broad range of […] More

  • Unocoin Launched India’s First Cryptocurrency ATM

    A new ATM in Bengaluru’s Kemp Fort Mall has become the latest face of the stand-off between India’s crypto-community and its banking regulator. The cryptocurrency ATM, India’s first, was launched by the virtual currency exchange Unocoin on Oct. 14. Meant exclusively for Unocoin customers, this ATM can be used to deposit or withdraw money, which can then be used […] More

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