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  • How IOT is changing the future of Telecommunication Industry

    The IoT links networks and objects to improve data collection and management. It has taken many industries by storm, and the telecommunication industry is no different. It uses the internet, mobile devices, and sensors to obtain data points between objects and improve interactions. However, Internet of Things is not limited to smartphones, laptops, and computers.  […] More

  • 69% Indian firms face serious cyber attack risk: Study

    As of now around 69% Indian and Australian companies are most at risk of a cyber attack, 35% of the organizations in the region suffered at least one cybersecurity incident in the last 12 months, according to the report which has been revealed. According to the report which has been revealed, leading IT Analyst firm […] More

  • Google promises better privacy tools, smarter AI assistant

    One of the largest IT product-based company, Google revealed updates for its Artificial intelligent voice assistant and with some of the new privacy tools to give people with some of the more control over how they are being tracked on the go or in their own home as well. The CEO of the company, Google […] More

  • 9 security and privacy risks of IoT in 2019

    The Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm refers to the network of physical objects or “things” embedded with physical science, software, sensors, and property to change objects to exchange information with servers, centralized systems, and/or alternative connected devices supported a range of communication infrastructures. IoT makes it possible to sense and control objects creating opportunities for […] More

  • Why Opt For Cloud Storage Over a Local Server

    Cloud storage becomes a possibility because of cloud computing — a phenomenon that took the world by storm. Cloud computing is often referred to as the “cloud” and it is better understood as a platform of shared computers connected to each other via the Internet. Cloud storage has displaced the storage of data in local […] More

  • Best Online Courses to Learn About Cyber Security?

    We live in the digital age. It is the age of convenience. An age where you can easily access the internet Tv with available options like Frontier channel Lineup. All of the world’s information is swimming around on the internet. Some of it is open to everyone while some is encrypted, restricted or protected. Data […] More

  • Tech Mahindra uses blockchain for tackling spam calls

    One of the largest IT InfoTech services and consultancy firm, Tech Mahindra has now deployed a blockchain based solution that will be going to address the issue of an unsolicited commercial communication or the spam calls, the company revealed in a report. The solution deployed for the sector of the telecom that will impact around […] More

  • 5 Do’s and Dont’s of Online Privacy in 2019

    Protecting your online privacy is very important. Learning the ways to do that is the main key point here, as internet usage is increasing regularly. The internet touches various parts of our lives nowadays, and we cannot live without it. There are many cyber-criminals out there in the open, and these people will always seek […] More

  • HCL Technologies expands cybersecurity operations in US

    One of the largest IT service provider HCL Technologies has now revealed that is soon opening with its new cybersecurity center in Texas to expand its operations in America. The cybersecurity fusion center will now be going to help the HCL ins securing the business growth by providing customers with just a single point of […] More

  • Coimbatore-based cybersecurity firm captivates Copenhagen’s Zacco

    While speaking of a digital economy, cybersecurity is one of the highlighting matters for most companies in India, and across the globe. Concerning to secure itself from such threats, Zacco India R&D has acquired a 100 percent stake in Coimbatore-based startup Lakhshya Cyber Security Labs in an all-cash deal. The measure of the deal, yet, […] More

  • Tech Mahindra and i2Chain collaborate to secure customer information

    One of the largest IT based company, Tech Mahindra has now partnered with the San Francisco based i2Chain which is a blockchain startup to secure the customer’s information and data assets by using the next-gen technologies. Both the i2Chain and Tech Mahindra will provide with the blockchain based cybersecurity application to customers that is much […] More

  • Benefits and Risk of Cloud Computing in Healthcare

    People usually refer to cloud computing as the future of any business. Cloud computing will bring new standards for businesses. Every day an ample amount of data is transferred to cloud by some sort of business in which healthcare is of no exception. With the increase in needs of healthcare, cloud solutions are often introduced […] More

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