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  • Arm Treasure Data Announces Audience Suite

    Arm Treasure Data today announced Audience Suite, a set of applications designed to visualize, segment and analyze customer data, to be used alongside the Big Data profile set marketers already have in Treasure Data. “Marketers now have an increasing number of tools that help them collect, unify, and analyze customer data, but none that also […] More

  • Amazon’s cloud with AI going to give benefit to Formula 1 Races

    Amazon Web Services Inc. are getting stronger to hold the best position in public cloud field by joining Formula One Group as its biggest pavilion customer. Formula 1 is planning to shift most of there imperative information systems to AWS cloud for take the benefit of cloud’s machine learning and data analysis services. Formula 1 […] More

  • Top Data Analytics Trends That Might Spark The Next Big Bang

    In recent 10 years, Data Science is now the most debated issue, yet the greater part of its idea was available. The use of Data Science turned out to be just conceivable after the presence of substantial informational indexes to work upon, powerful machine learning calculations and systems to work these calculations. It is a […] More

  • 4 data analytics trends that will dominate 2018

    4 data analytics trends that will dominate 2018

    In 2017 we have seen businesses transforming into data-driven enterprises, data technologies and strategies are required to deliver value. Data analytics and associated technologies have emerged as the main disruptors of the digital age. Below are the data analytics trends going to dominate 2018 –? Augmented analytics The popularity of augmented analytics which uses machine […] More