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    iMerit Ranked 21st Fastest Growing Technology Company

    iMerit Technology services Pvt Ltd today in a report has announced that it has ranked 21st in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India 2018, which is a ranking of the 50 fastest growing technology companies as of now in India. Rankings are purely based on the revenue growth of the past three years of time […] More

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    Fynd Launches ‘Workbench’, its Data and Machine Learning Product

    Fynd, which is one of the unique e-commerce portal is now expanding its business not just in the field of omnichannel space but also in the Business to Business space by offering the Unique Data and Machine Learning Product suite for the community of data. The e-commerce startup has launched a beta version of its […] More

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    AI-Based Analytics Platform SenseHawk Raises $2 Mn

    San Francisco, Mumbai, and Bengaluru-based cloud-based enterprise startup SenseHawk, leveraging AI to provide data analytics solutions, has raised around ₹14.5 crores ($2 million) in series A round from SAIF Partners. Other angel investors also participated in the round. The funds raised will be used for scaling business and engineering. The startup is looking to expand its footprint to other […] More

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    Gartner Says Only 20 Percent of Employees Have The Skills

    Most of the organizations nowadays are just undergoing a digital transformation which is also directly impacts how they do their business in today scenario, and is still yet 70 percent of the organziations employees have not even mastered in their skills set they need for their jobs today, and 80 percent of employees do not […] More

  • Where do organizations focus their Big Data efforts on

    Where do organizations focus their Big Data efforts on?

    In today’s fast changing digital world , its quiet intimidating to see data collection and visualization in various shapes, and forms.  It’s like a huge infinity pool where there is no limit. In the words of Andrew MacAfee” world is one big data problem”. Whatever we see and think is interpreted through data and interpretation. Getting […] More

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    Sharing is caring: the rise of Data socialization

    The “share” button is needed in data too. As data-driven insight becomes increasingly necessary to gain a competitive edge, so does the need to share data to the right people so meaningful change can take place. What if I told you we can share data-driven insight within a company in the same way we share […] More

  • Who does what in the data science industry?

    Who does what in the data science industry?

    In spite of the way that there still isn’t an agreement on the meaning of data science itself, the industry has just produced various particular occupation titles, each with its own arrangement of required aptitudes and programming dialects. Different companies will hire on the different positions depending on their income, work load and their specific […] More

  • Is Artificial Intelligence The Catalyst To Unlock The Power Of IoT

    Is Artificial Intelligence The Catalyst To Unlock The Power Of IoT?

    AI is the engine that will enable analytics and decision making from the data collected by IoT. For companies to realize the full potential of IoT enablement, they need to combine IoT with rapidly-advancing Artificial Intelligence, which enable machines to simulate intelligent behavior and make well-informed decisions with little or no human intervention. In an […] More

  • Big Data for Engineers bgdfgdf

    Big Data for Engineers and Scientists

    Going by the influence of big data, it is possible to say that the world was something before it and it will be something else after big data has become exhausted as a field of innovation and research, such is the force of it. From smart devices and sensors to Internet of things, automated cars […] More

  • International university partnership will apply data analytics 1

    International university partnership will apply data analytics to address social issues

    Pollution and heavy traffic is increasingly become a major problem in various cities where people spend precious hours sitting down nothing in their driving seats or passenger seats while their cars omit unnecessary polluting gases as they hardly turn their engine off. Hence, new directions are being sought by various research groups and companies. As […] More

  • Are you ready data analytics reshaping work accountants 1

    Are you ready data analytics reshaping work accountants?

    Gone are those days when people would look at new technologies in a skeptical way and ask all sorts of hypothetical questions to ensure that technology cannot enter the foray of business. Now, everyone is embracing the new possibilities and trying to understand what could make them tick. It is from this point of view […] More

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