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  • Debt Collection Procedure Is Important With The Forgotten FinTech To It

    Many people are convinced with the fact that efficient forms of debt collection procedures are known to have one great impact on the stated economy, with the highest level of interest rates and even the possibility of the companies and even smaller businesses for accessing better credit lines. It can be done with the help […] More

  • 5 Challenges Faced By The Artificial Intelligence Industry

    We know how the artificial intelligence field is growing which is also creating major changes in our lifestyles, day by day many things are getting better and with the help of this technology, we humans are getting more closer to the machines, the sci-fi movies that we used to watch with trill is going to […] More

  • Cyber Security start-up CloudSEK raises fresh funding

    Artificial Intelligence based Digital Risk Management and cybersecurity platform provider CloudSEK has raised further funding from IDFC Parampara. Founded in 2015 by renowned cyber security expert Rahul Sasi, the company had raised  2.5 M USD in pre-series A till date. Currently it has investors like Exfinity Ventures, former Infosys board member V Balakrishnan, StartupXseed Ventures […] More

  • Why Organisations Should Have a Data Destruction Policy and Procedure

    In the age of laptops, tablets and other various kinds of gadgets, every important and unimportant information is stored on the hardrives of the gadgets that we use. Even after you’ve deleted files from your laptop, there are always ways that they can be retrieved, if it falls in the wrong hands. Big and small […] More

  • Problem Of Personal Data In Cloud-What Is The Information To Be Regulated

    Problem Of Personal Data In Cloud-What Is The Information To Be Regulated

    The personal data is to be considered as EU Data protection directory. This may be in the form of fragmented data, encrypted data and anonymized data in the cloud. Cloud is a term which uses many servers for processing of data. For many companies at present cloud became the It sourcing. The cloud computing services […] More

  • Why You Need A VPN To Stay Secure Online.

    Why You Need A VPN To Stay Secure Online?

    Article Crux What you find working best in one VPN may not be present in another one, and if you come across a VPN that is the best in all areas, it may turn out to be out of the budget. There happen to be quite a few countries that have the entire Netflix catalogs […] More

  • Mozilla is advocating for Lean Data practices in India

    Mozilla, the company which is best known for the popular and most famous Firefox browser and one of the key players in the privacy debate across the world, does not think it is right to suggest Indian companies are unaware of the risks when it comes to the part of data privacy or do not […] More

  • Better Data Privacy for your Windows10 PC

    Are you planning to sell or donate your old PC or Laptop? Read this before you discard, sell, or donate your system or storage drive—such as hard disk, USB flash drive, SD card, or an SSD—if you don’t want to compromise your data security and privacy. Data security and privacy go hand in hand. One […] More

  • 7 Steps to Develop and Deploy Data Loss Prevention Strategy

    It is not that only large enterprise should worry about Data Loss Prevention because now even small companies of all sizes are the target for hackers. Having a DLP in place Hacker combat aims to guide the user with this guide to inform what’s new in data loss prevention systems, including cloud access security brokers. For […] More

  • Forget Bitcoin, Blockchain is the Future

    Be it Bitcoin or Ethereum, all cryptocurrencies use the distributed ledger technology called Blockchain. Since 2013 till 2017 the gross number of global users of cryptocurrencies has increased from about 3 million to 6 million. This is because the payment fees around bitcoin is much less, below 2% or even 0% compared to the normal […] More

  • India’s First SaaS Product Unicorn: Druva opens new facility in Pune

    California-based cloud data protection and management startup Druva has opened a new facility in Pune and aims to expand employee headcount to 1,000 in the next two years across India. The new facility in Pune will serve as a key innovation centre, focused on product development, housing Druva’s engineering talent. As the startup continues to expand its global […] More

  • Alibaba Cloud opens second data centre in India

    In support of India’s data localisation measures, Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, has opened its second data centre in India, with a new ‘availability zone’ in Mumbai. Talking about the availability zone, Alibaba said, it is a physical area with the independent power grid, and each one is made up of one or […] More

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