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  • Machine Learning Will Change Every Business Sector

    Businesses in the world are rapidly evolving and there’s a significant need for automation-related applications and software, given the fact that the modern era’s technology has reached a point in which it’s possible to implement autonomous, self-learning features within such software, let’s analyse how machine learning will impact every business sector from 2019 and beyond. […] More

  • ML for Marketers

    ML Enables Marketers To Magnificently Use The Power Of Targeted Insights!

    In the present time, almost every company is using the potential of Machine Learning (ML) in one way or the other. Whether it is Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data or Machine Learning (MI), every enterprise is making sure they have the right resources and the technology to capitalize on the latest technology. Now a days, […] More

  • 8 Tips to get more Twitter Followers in 2018

    Twitter is the easiest social following medium to grow yourself from scratch. It is a powerful tool for any individual and business group when used properly. Due to its fast-moving and simple feature half of the marketers prefer this as their go-to-network for engaging their customers. As you know a higher twitter follower implies more […] More

  • Where Do SEO FIT in Digital Marketing

    SEO and digital marketing are so much related to each other that sometimes it becomes very difficult to draw a distinction between them. The object of both is to win more customers or visitors to your website. There are some tactics which can be considered both the part of SEO and digital marketing. In order […] More

  • ONGO Framework acquires Hockystick Media

    Hyderabad based application development platform ONGO Framework has acquired digital marketing startup HockyStick Media in a cash and equity deal. The details of the deal remain undisclosed. ONGO has also raised ₹7 crores ($1 million) from a clutch of angel investors led by its existing investor Mitesh Majithia. The new acquisition will help ONGO to help provide end-to-end digital […] More

  • Techniques to generate business opportunities and branding

    What is digital marketing or online marketing? I’m sure the denomination’s digital marketing or online marketing is familiar. But are you clear on what digital marketing is and how it differs from traditional marketing? We’ll tell you in this post! What is digital marketing? Digital marketing is a broad concept in the media and Internet […] More

  • 10 important facts about Artificial intelligence in digital marketing

    There is no shred of doubt in that Artificial Intelligence is a buzzword these days and gaining popularity day by day.  In a few a years this technology has gained the same height of “Big data” and “Cloud Computing”. Artificial Intelligence is a game-changing technology that has great impact over the digital market. It is […] More