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  • 5 Disruptive technologies impacting the Indian education sector

    With technology governing every aspect of our lives, it has given a new meaning to the way we perform some of the basic tasks in our daily lives. To communicate we have mobile phones, messaging and video calling instead of writing letters; to keep up with what’s happening around the world, we can instantly find […] More

  • Bengaluru-based Byju’s to get access to Osmo tech

    Osmo was founded by former Google developers Jerome Scholler and Pramod Sharma, that is specialised in taking care of computer vision for innovating blended learning games for children. While this startup will be able to modify and leverage Byju’s content, the Bengaluru-based firm will get access to Osmo’s tech smarts. Tencent-backed online learning platform Byju is […] More

  • A new robot capable of learning Developed

    Some of the researchers have now developed a robotic system which is capable of learning, representing and inferring ownership relations and norms that may have address some of the more challenges which are associated with the teaching robots social norms and how to conform with them. According to the reports and research revealed from the […] More

  • Seven Secrets About Mobile Learning Solution

    There is no denying the fact that mobile learning is the future. Even if it’s a new domain, the concept evolving swiftly. Learners are increasingly looking for ways to seek new experiences in a mobile-friendly way. When you plan to implement m-learning in the workplace, these 7 steps will help you in creating an effective […] More

  • 48 Qualities to start Online Affiliate Marketing

    Briefly speaking, an affiliate is the person who knows the money earning techniques by using his own websites. That means, a company or an advertiser posts ads on their websites or social media pages to drive traffic from different sources.  Visitors   hit the site to check the products of the company.  In return, the affiliate […] More

  • Unacademy Raises $21 Million from Sequoia, SAIF, And Nexus

    Bengaluru-based edtech startup Unacademy has raised an amount of $21 Mn which is roughly Rs 21 crore in Indian currency in Series C funding from some of the leading investors, Sequoia India, SAIF Partners, and Nexus Venture Partners. Some of the existing investors also participated in the round such as Blume Ventures. Unacademy is an […] More

  • From Tradition Teaching to E-Learning

    There is no doubt in the fact that the world is becoming a different place with all the modifications in technology that is taking place. There is no page that is being left unturned everything is being digitised. You can have everything on your screen and fingertips. It has brought up so many new possibilities. […] More

  • Inspire Idaho, Low- cost tech learning program for rural and urban areas

    “People have to understand that they always be a keen learner if they want to cope up with all the latest technologies in workforce, but there are lot of hurdles and degradation to help people in learning new and updated technology in the workforce to perform their part with most effective way to grow business […] More

  • Skills development in Singapore to boost AWS

    Conducted by the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) LearningHub the small and medium sized enterprises(SMEs) in Singapore’s city state will help cope up with the new generated technological disruption through their two new training courses which also include about applying Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to help boost their businesses. The Singapore’s labour movement also […] More

  • Deep Learning with Keras

    In this free video course you will be learning about the Deep Learning Models and Implementing them in Keras Library of Python with Theano as Backend. Course covers on the tutorials are Keras Tutorials and Deep Learning concepts. We will be learning about 1. Deep neural Networks. 2. Activation Functions. 3. Convolutional Neural Networks. 4. Word Embeddings. 5. Recurrent […] More