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  • PowerSportz Partners with AP to promote CBN Vision 4

    PowerSportz Partners with AP to promote CBN Vision

    Kanthi D Suresh, Editor-in-chief Power Sportz ,advices AP State Government How they can help promote the vision of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister  Kanthi was amongst the distinguished luminaries and senior bureaucrats of Andhra Pradesh, at the event held at VigyanBhawan. The event was held to discuss why the newly formed state of Andhra Pradesh has all […] More

  • Microsoft purchases Beam's livestreaming technology 6

    Microsoft purchases Beam’s livestreaming technology

    It seems, tech giant Microsoft has decided to take over the world of e-sports. Well, its latest purchase does aim towards it. Microsoft on Thursday bought Beam, a popular livestreaming service that also allows its users an opportunity to collectively control and affect gameplay as it happens in real-time. Though both the parties have till […] More