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  • Five changes in cloud computing that every CEO must know

    Five changes in cloud computing that every CEO must know

    Here are the five biggest changes in cloud computing that every CEO must prepare to maximize opportunities and optimize their business. The emergence of cloud computing is one of the most significant changes in information technology today, especially for business. But like a real cloud moving across the horizon, the technology keeps changing. Here are […] More

  • Next wave in computing is intelligent Edge & Cloud

    If you will look around to your surrounding such as your house, office, school, or to the next store you will start observing that how internet has helped us to connect with each other with the help of internet connected devices and it’s also before in a world of computing which is more filled with […] More

  • What is edge computing?

    What is edge computing?

    Edge computing is computation at network level instead of the central nodes. Traditionally, the computation power of any computer is present at the physical location of computer itself. With introduction of new technologies. The focus is on transferring this computation power to the far end of Internet. This process of optimizing cloud computing system is […] More

  • Virtualization by VMware for edge computing

    Today VMware announced its new vCloud NVF- Open Stack Edition 3.0 to become prime competitor in the field of telecommunications infrastructure for edge computing. The network is planning to give facility of 5G and to disseminate computing surrounding in multicloud telco network. The announcement comes after the company releases its new VMware Integrated  Open- Stack Carrier […] More