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  • How to Humanize Your Facebook Messenger Chatbot Using Content

    Once you have a super intelligent chatbot that converses with your customers, it’s easy to lose sight of the most important aspect of Messenger Marketing. It’s so much more than just sending messages to your leads. It’s about building connections.  The human connection is an important element to that drives towards conversions. Remember the original […] More

  • Facebook Uses AI to block abusive accounts ahead of election

    One of the largest and the most popular social media channel Facebook is now working on using the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to block around with the million abusive accounts a day in the build-up to the general election of India. “Facebook and our family of apps continue our efforts to help make sure […] More

  • Facebook hosts AI for social good summit, announces key initiatives

    Facebook has now revealed a slew of initiatives to deliver the social and growth with the help of latest emerging technologies which includes the AI, the company revealed in a report. With the help of this initiative, the Silicon Valley-based giant has developed a tool which connects blood banks and hospitals with the blood donor […] More

  • Intel working with Facebook on AI chip

    Intel Corp now revealed yesterday that it is now working the Facebook Inc to finish a new artificial intelligence chip in the second half of the year. The chips are Intel gambit to retain the hold of a fast-growing segment of the artificial intelligence computing market but will also be going to face the competition […] More

  • AI helps diagnose depression three months earlier than health services by analyzing Facebook posts

    AI helps diagnose depression three months earlier by analyzing Facebook posts

    Depression seems to be enough to be detected in this way; it really changes the use of social media by people so something like diabetes doesn’t happen, ‘the researchers wrote. An artificial intelligence program (AI) was trained to explore Facebook posts for “linguistic red flags” which could be a sign of depression identifying conditions up […] More

  • Facebook said to develop cryptocurrency for WhatsApp transfers

    Facebook is now working on making a cryptocurrency that will let users transfer money on its famous and popular messaging app Whatsapp, which is focusing first on the remittances market in India according to the people which is familiar with the matter. The company is working on building and developing a stable coin, a type […] More

  • Facebook now lets you post 3D photos that jump out of your Newsfeed

    Months after Facebook’s announcement in May about the plan to add 3D photos to the platform, the company is now coming through. Over the next couple weeks, you’ll be able to share your dog in 3D and VR for the whole world (or just your friends, of course) to admire. Facebook briefly and vaguely announced […] More

  • Facebook launches Portal, Portal+ video calling devices with AI-based

    Following more than a year of rumors that Facebook Inc. could enter the smart home market, the company today officially debuted Portal, a voice-controlled video calling device powered by Inc.’s Alexa assistant. The system’s specifications are more or less in line with the details that were leaked ahead of the launch. It comes in two models, the 10-inch Portal […] More

  • Facebook to expand AI labs in Pittsburgh

    In his many interviews and public testimonies over the last 18 months, embattled Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said repeatedly that advanced artificial intelligence software holds the key to fixing the many flaws that leave his platform vulnerable to disinformation and outright theft of user information. Whether he’s right or not, will be leading that effort. This […] More

  • Facebook is planning on doubling its AI unit by 2020

    Facebook’s plans to double its artificial intelligence unit by 2020 indicates just how important the firm considers it to be. The so-called FAIR (Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research) division at the company has approximately 180-200 staff. Speaking to Forbes, Facebook Chief AI Scientist Yann LeCun said he expects the division to double by 2020. Already, he admits, […] More

  • Facebook Eyeing on Misleading promotions

    As a major aspect of a long arrangement of modifications Facebook Inc. has been making to tidy up the stage, it may now begin restricting organizations from running advertisements that mislead the users and show something completely contrary to what it really is. In a statement released by Facebook, it said: “We spoke with people […] More

  • Real Benefit Of Getting Facebook Shares

    Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms comprising up to one billion users. Through this platform, a person can run his business or promote his business to the wider market. As internet has helped in creating relations throughout the world, Facebook has kept the world even smaller with its platform. People can easily […] More

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