1. Tech news
Scientists have always speculated that games could improve certain levels of the brain that help the players improve their lifestyle. In the past few decades, studies have been conducted on this issue, and the consensus was in favor of games. Most studies found a positive correlation between games and cognitive skills. Some games improve the […]
  1. Tech news
Blockchain technology offers one of the most exciting opportunities for this powerful technology world. Although this technology is known as the underlying cryptocurrency algorithm, it is now a comfortable business source. Developed as Bitcoin technology, its potential has made transactions safer and more reliable. Different companies in different industries use Blockchain to record and verify […]
  1. Tech news
AI has definitely taken over the human brains in almost every field of life. However, we have always restricted ourselves to think that technology is never beyond a ‘few’ human-brain tasks. Like video games. But here is a twist, deep mind Artificial Intelligence can now play next level multiplayer games without humans and better than […]
  1. Tech news
It seems, tech giant Microsoft has decided to take over the world of e-sports. Well, its latest purchase does aim towards it. Microsoft on Thursday bought Beam, a popular livestreaming service that also allows its users an opportunity to collectively control and affect gameplay as it happens in real-time. Though both the parties have till […]


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