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  • 7 Trends That Define The Next Phase Of Cloud Computing

    Today, cloud computing has evolved to be a reliable and one of the prominent technologies that’s transforming digital businesses to a whole new level. With latest collaboration tools, AI, machine learning, analytics and various business apps, cloud computing can now be termed as a reliable means of business innovation. Organizations have scope to adapt and […] More

  • AI To Son Eliminate Majority Of Management Work By 2030

    Gartner Inc, which is a market research firm has now predicted that the Artificial Intelligence will eliminate by 2030 as much as around 70% of the project management tasks that are handled manually via human being as a present. AI will improve the outcomes of the tasks such as the analysis, reporting, data collection, which […] More

  • Optimal Analytics Without Hiring Dozens of Data Scientists?

    As the need for advanced analytics increases in organizations, enterprises large and small struggle to find and sustain the professional resources they need to meet their requirements for data, analysis and strategic direction. In some businesses, Data Scientists, professional analysts and IT staff are often buried under requests for analysis and data and, as a […] More

  • Impact of AI Technology on the Economy and Business

    AI brought $700 billion to companies – Gartner In April, 2018, Gartner analytical agency published the results of a study showing how much companies in the world have earned money through the use of artificial intelligence technologies. Experts assessed the commercial value of AI systems in companies representing various industries. The sum is made up […] More

  • Gartner Says Only 20 Percent of Employees Have The Skills

    Most of the organizations nowadays are just undergoing a digital transformation which is also directly impacts how they do their business in today scenario, and is still yet 70 percent of the organziations employees have not even mastered in their skills set they need for their jobs today, and 80 percent of employees do not […] More

  • Kony Continues its Magic for six years

    Kony Inc. one of the best and leading solution provider company for digital application, they had announced that it will be named as Leader by Gartner at Magic Quadrant 2018 for Mobile App Development Platforms, which was positioned as most completed mission of Kony and got recognised by Gartner among one of the Leader in […] More