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  • Google Duplex: Inside Google’s Latest Voice Technology and What It Means For AI

    People are unnerved by artificial intelligence that’s indistinguishable from a human. Google Duplex is a new voice synthesis technology that uses bots to mimic human speech. Designed to help people make simple calls, such as booking dinner reservations, the AI aims to free people from the monotony of simple, repetitive phone conversations. While the technology […] More

  • Google Launchpad to retain focus on AI startups in India

    Article Crux Google Launchpad has also started its India accelerator programme in the month of July 2018 with its hub-center as Bangalore. At the time of speaking on the Google Launchpad decision to start an India focused accelerator programme, the Ravindranath, its Head revealed that while the global programme allowed the Indian startup ecosystem to […] More

  • Google Announces Joint AI Research Venture with Princeton University

    In a press release which has been released yesterday revealed that the Google AI, the technology giant has revealed that it has no entered into a joint venture with the prestigious and historic Princeton University, with the aim to dive into much more more in-depth into the promising scientific field of the Artificial Intelligence. Princeton […] More

  • Google Mentorship Startups Using AI begin from March’19

    Google today has now opened to start taking applications for the next class of its “Launchpad Accelerator” mentor ship programme for the startups with the help of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in India which is scheduled to be held in the month of March 2019. The last date for receiving the application to the […] More

  • Google chief trusts AI makers to regulate the technology

    Google Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai said that it has a fear about the Artificial Intelligence are valid but that the tech industry is up to the challenge of regulating itself, in an interview which is going to be published. The tech companies building up the Artificial Intelligence should factor in ethics early in the […] More

  • Google’s AI realistically inserts objects into images

    With the post production software to place up the things realistically in scenes is much more robust for the computers rather than the humans. It also requires not only determining an appropriate location for the said object but also trying to predict the appearance of the object at the target locations, its pose, shape, scale, […] More

  • Google announces ‘Journalism AI’ project in partnership with Polis

    Google has now partnered with the Polis, the international journalism think tank at the London School of Economics and Political Science, to create the Artificial Intelligence for Journalism. The new programme falls under the Google News Initiative, that will also help scribes in training and research in the newsroom and will focus on the intersection […] More

  • Google’s AI system can grade prostate cancer cells

    Around one in nine men in America will develop prostate cancer in their lifetime, according to the report which has been revealed and around more than 3 million patients have been diagnosed with it at the same point are still even alive today. And just from seeing a cancer perspective, it tends to be so […] More

  • Google releases AI based open source reinforcement learning framework

    Google is now helping its researchers team to train the Artificial Intelligence models with the help of an open sourcing a reinforcement learning frameworks which are mainly used for its projects. Reinforcement learning has been used for some of the most impressive Artificial Intelligence demonstrations so far which also includes those which beat the human […] More

  • Details On Google Core Algorithm Update

    It was only recently that Google had updated their “core search algorithm”, which affected the rankings of a various number of websites on the internet. Some websites do benefited from this update, while some others didn’t. But, what are the changes you might ask? Well, without wasting any more time, let’s jump on the details […] More

  • 20 Years of Google Journey !! Happy Birthday Google

    Here’s a scan for the development privileged insights of one of the world’s most energizing youthful organizations — an organization from which each organization can learn. Google’s story is a recognizable one: Two Stanford doctoral understudies, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, built up an arrangement of calculations that in 1998 started a good lord jump […] More

  • Google is using AI to predict floods in India and warn users

    For years Google has warned users about pure disasters by incorporating alerts from authorities companies like FEMA into apps like Maps and Search. Now, the corporate is making predictions of its personal. As a part of a partnership with the Central Water Commission of India, Google will now alert users in the nation about impending floods. The service is […] More

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