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  • Significance of Hadoop in Big Data

    Hadoop is widely used in big data applications in the industry, e.g., spam filtering, network searching, click stream analysis, and social recommendation. In addition, considerable academic research is now based on Hadoop. Some representative cases are given below. Facebook announced that their Hadoop cluster can process 100 PB data, which grew by 0.5 PB per […] More

  • Ways Machine Learning Can Make Your BI Better

    AI has been simmering in research labs since a group of computer scientists talking about the term at the Dartmouth Conferences in 1956 that lead to the birth of the AI field. Since its birth, people herald AI as the key to the future. According to the MIT Sloan Management Review, “About 76% of enterprises […] More

  • Hadoop and Enterprise Data Warehouse

    Can Hadoop and Enterprise Data Warehouse Go Hand-in-Hand?

    Can Hadoop and Enterprise Data Warehouse Go Hand-in-Hand? The introduction of Hadoop has brought about a major motivational revolution to the enterprise computing environments. The adaptability to Hadoop is growing day-by-day amid all types of business ventures. Justifiably so, because the economics of this software provides an ability to the user to implement a comprehensive […] More