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  • 5 Modern Use Cases of Predictive Analytics for Quality Healthcare

    Predictive analytics is a kind of analytics where data from various sources are used to predict the future through activity, trends, and behavior. It makes use of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to understand what the future might bring. This is done through data mining, analytical techniques, and predictive modeling techniques. The analytics system […] More

  • uses AI to Speed Up Radiology Diagnosis

    AI is mostly established as a catch-all phrase to describe the coming technology, but its operation and applications are much more discrete as mentioned. The availed situations are expanding from customer service support, to online advertising, to smart home applications, self-driving cars, drones and many more.Yet, some of the astonishing functions are developed and formulated […] More

  • Health-technology startup DocsApp Secures $1.7 Million

    InnoVen Capital has now recently invested $1.7 Million as a debt funding round in the DocsApp, which is India leading online doctor consultation platform. DocsApp was launched in the year 2015, with an aim to helps the patients across India connect and talk to the specialist doctors, for the high-quality consultations over the video calls, […] More

  • Medikabazaar Launches Vizi, An AI And ML-Based Inventory Application

    The AI and ML-based application will help hospitals plan their procurement and avoid overstocking of medical supplies Medikabazaar, India’s largest online B2B platform for medical supplies recently launched its Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) based inventory application VIZI at a recent event that witnessed stakeholders including hospital owners, CXOs, thought leaders, investors, and […] More

  • is using ai to speed up the radiology diagnosis

    Nowadays the health tech startup uses the AI to detect and diagnosis the X-Rays, CT-Scan, MRI’s and others. Its algorithms take less than 3 minutes to detect any of the abnormality with more than 95% accuracy. Artificial Intelligence in healthcare is also expected to reach around $36.1 by the end of 2025. AI is not […] More

  • Healthcare IoT, analytics, and mobile engagement: An optimistic panorama

    The healthcare industry is highly uncertain owing to the constantly changing regulations, reimbursement, and standards, especially regarding interoperability and care qualities. By the end of 2017, it was predicted that the healthcare institutes are expected to focus on advanced technologies to provide efficient and high quality care. The growing opioid epidemic due opioid overdose is […] More

  • Big Data Analytics in Healthcare: will it be a hit?

    Data analytics is one of the booming technologies in the world lately. Health care analytics is the information of a person regarding previous medical issues and upcoming complications. It also gives information about the person’s medication previously. It provides PGHD (patient-generated health data) which can be the key part of continuous disease management. Fortunately, advances […] More

  • Kollam ready to take on Waferchips Techno Solutions

    Healthtech startups are reformulating healthcare in India and serving the developing and enhancing the needs of population’s health. From complicated cancer treatment at home to maintaining medical records digitally, simplifying healthtech startups seem to have a solution to all the problems of users. However, tendencies reveal that most innovation in the healthtech sector starts in […] More

  • M3 acquires a majority share in Bengaluru-based DailyRounds

    Japanese healthcare venture M3 Inc on Monday claimed about the acquisition of a majority stake in Bengaluru-based DailyRounds, known as a mobile and web-based applications for doctors and medical students in India. In regards with the company, this move states M3’s foray into case-based problem-solving community platform and medical test preparation business complied in India. […] More

  • Reduce Cost Of Patient Care In Hospitals With Data Analytics

    Reduce Cost Of Patient Care In Hospitals With Data Analytics

    Hospitals need to provide the best treatment for their patients with low cost. It is tough to maintain the balance between cost and quality. Data Analytics helps to reduce the cost of patient care which helps to provide more personalized services. According to the KPMG survey, it was estimated that only 10% of health care […] More

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    How would Smart IoT shape our lives in the future?

    The concept of ‘connectivity’ is going beyond laptops and smartphones as we see it moving towards smart cities, smart homes, smart retail, smart farming, connected cars, connected wearable devices and connected healthcare. In short a connected life. The Internet of Things is a popular terminology these days, but unlike many technological fads, which have come […] More

  • Desintox Technologies to make electric wheelchair

    Inspired by the world-famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, two entrepreneurs from Kerala set up Desintox Technologies for lending a hand to differently-abled Indians for leading a normal life. The Thrissur-based startup founded by a 24-year-aged Don Paul and Sooraj Chandran to “enable differently-abled people to lead a better and self-sustaining life”. While their friends Vishnu […] More

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