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  • Infibeam Partners with IBM for Developing Blockchain Applications

    Infibeam Avenues, which is Indian largest e-commerce and payments solutions provider has now partnered with the Bangalore headquartered IT services company IBM to develop, implement, and promote blockchain capabilities on the LinuxOne platform in India. “This will be a first of its kind in India on LinuxONE, and Infibeam will utilize this opportunity for delivering […] More

  • IBM, Seagate Team Up to Tackle Hard Drive Fakes With Blockchain

    Seagate Technology Private Limited, which is a world leader company in the field of data storage solutions and now the largest IT company IBM has announced that they are now working together to reduce the product counterfeiting with the help of a Blockchain and security technologies. The project, which is designed and developed to help […] More

  • IBM is creating perfume using artificial intelligence

    Symrise, which is one of the largest and world-leading manufacturers of the flavorings and fragrances, is now going to create some of the creative paths. In collaboration with the IBM Research, the company as of now is currently developing a method of using the process of AI to create the perfumes which are based on […] More

  • Future of Magnet Tape In Artificial Intelligence

    The recent advances in big data analytics and artificial intelligence have led to great advancements and incentives for business processes. Regulatory requirements now require organizations to store records for longer periods than what was done before. Studies show that the amount of data being recorded is showing an upward trend of 30-40% annually. From Over […] More

  • IBM and IIT Bombay team up to accelerate AI research in India

    The Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, on Wednesday joined hands with IBM Research to carry out advanced research in the field of Artificial Intelligence, becoming the ninth institute to join the AI Horizons Network – a research collaborative of IBM. As part of a multi-year collaboration, the department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT-B will […] More

  • IBM Shows-off AI Debater to human

    IBM computers have just won “Jeopardy” for beating best chess master. Now they have again come up with something very unusual say debaters. IBM is taking over human debaters pretty well. At a conference on Monday IBM computers have shown a black artificial intelligence with a computer screen and competing over a debate with a […] More

  • US release it’s Supercomputer after China’s record

    The world’s most powerful Supercomputer is out now by the US Department’s Energy Oak’s Ridge National Laboratory at Tennessee. The name of the supercomputer is ‘summit’ it has most efficient computing processor of 200 petaflops or can calculate  200 million billion calculation in just second. These qualities are making this computer more faster than any […] More

  • What’s Unique in IBM smallest computer ??

    IBM’s Bluemix and Softlayer clouds are surely classic for New Millennial. This American company has expanded its service center to spoon feed newbie in the world. Now, this awesome achievement in clouding is not turbid or saturated. IBM has brought a minuscule computer to surprise people. This digital device is easy to maintain and carry. […] More

  • IBM bets on Hortonworks Hadoop platform big data engine

    IBM bets on Hortonworks Hadoop platform as its big data engine

    BigInsight, a distribution of Hadoop, is to be dropped by IBM as they are building their own Hadoop platform. They are adopting the Hortonwork INC’s two-way deal that could give users of both companies increased access to enterprise-class capabilities for managing and analyzing big data. They are working towards migrating their users to the Hortonworks […] More

  • India has emerged as a star market for top tech companies

    More and more global technology giants are now favouring the Indian land for setting up their companies than before. The country has emerged as one of the fastest growing markets for technology companies all around the globe. This trend can be seen both as a sign of India’s good GDP growth (compared to other countries) […] More

  • US tech giant IBM patents Google Glass-like night vision eyewear

    IBM, the US based tech giant, seems to be keeping a close watch on Google. This js because the company has reportedly recently patented an an eye wear which is quite similar to Google’s much-famous Google Glass. Apparently, similar to Google’s product, the IBM offering would also come with comred-eyed night vision capabilities. Although the […] More

  • IBM introduces an entry level IoT course for developers

    Here’s some good news for young IoT enthusiasts who have been trying to figure out a way to get started in the big, promising world of Internet of Things. IBM, the global technology and innovation company, has joined hands with Coursera to create an entry level course focusing on IoT. The announcement by IBM comes […] More