How AI will Detect Traffic Rule in India

As cities in India grow and more people own vehicles, traffic jams

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Microsoft Pledges to Make 75,000 Indian Women Developers AI-Ready

Microsoft, one of the world's biggest tech companies, wants to help women

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Lessons Learned from Cloud Attacks in India

Nvidia's choice to create custom AI chips for cloud computing companies is

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Clearbot’s Solar Boats Set to Revolutionize India’s River Cleaning

Clearbot, a company from Hong Kong, is bringing in solar-powered boats to

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Impact of Artificial Intelligence on India’s Industries and Economies

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not just a buzzword. It is a game-changer

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India to Host Global Dialogue on Responsible AI from December 12

In a big move towards making Artificial Intelligence (AI) better for everyone,

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India and Australia Unite for Blockchain and AI Regulatory Strategies

In the age of rapid tech advancements, India and Australia unite to

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Forecasting India’s Long-Run GDP with High-Dimensional Data

Many experts believe India may walk on the path of economic growth

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India Is the Most Digitally Mature Country in the World: Dell Research

The top three, most digitally mature countries, are emerging economies with India

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