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  • IOT is expected to influence Manufacturing industries

    The Internet of Things is creating a 3D map of your workspace, and it knows you have been taking too many coffee breaks. Every 15 minutes?? Seriously, stop. In this connected map, devices, machines and business processes are linked. With the potential of sensors embedded in new and legacy production equipment, connected by IP to […] More

  • Industry 4.0 for beginners

    Introduction on Industrial Revolution In case you have not been living under a rock for the past several years, you have probably heard the term “fourth industrial revolution”, or simply “Industry 4.0”. The term is closely tied to technological breakthroughs and constant improvements of the way we produce products, its digitization, and manufacturing. You may […] More

  • Factors to Determine the Success of IoT Project

    IoT has emerged as the leader in today’s technology driven market. It has led to the emergence of smart and revolutionized interactions between people and technology. Today, everything can simply be connected to the world of internet, which is how IoT has emerged around us. The Internet of Things affects us, our technology, our world, […] More

  • IOT Framework role in future of communications

    Internet of Things (IoT) Framework is an integrated part of Future Internet including existing and evolving Internet defined as a dynamic network infrastructure based on standard and interoperable communication protocols where physical and virtual “things” have identities, physical attributes, and virtual personalities, use intelligent interfaces, and are seamlessly integrated into the information network. In the […] More

  • Industry 4.0 and lIoT move edge and boost the IoT edge platform market1

    Industry 4.0 and lIoT move edge and boost the IoT edge platform market

    In the year 2018, it is estimated that the IoT market will be boosted up. In North America and in Western Europe this market is gaining dominance. These days we see that sensors, detectors and actuators are adding in all the devices. This collaborating with all the devices are making IoT to move to the […] More

  • Industrial Internet of Things adoption barriers: the major challenges

    IoT is rapidly shaping today’s world. It is predicted that by 2020, almost 25 million products will be connected by IoT. It is already predicted by Cisco that the market would gain almost $14.4 million dollar already. It is predicted that the IoT market will be more predominating then the Smartphone technology. IoT is helping […] More

  • Consumer IoT could outpace industrial IoT

    Consumer IoT could outpace industrial IoT

    Whenever there is a strong collision of opinions regarding something, that thing is generally considered successful in creating an audible buzz. Such is the case with IoT, which has been surely the most sought-after technology in the recent years and has definitely created a buzz. So much so, while the tech experts do agree upon […] More

  • IOT Trends to be focused in 2017

    Best Practices to improve security Industrial IOT

    The senior product manager for the internet of things service at Dell EMC made a presentation recently where he explained that it is possible for the enterprises on the internet to protect their deployments for the internet of things. The concerns about security for the internet of things are growing considerably in number. However, in […] More