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  • The light bulb of the future is here and it can last a lifetime

    How many intelligent persons does it take to create the light bulb of the future? Well, if we go by evidence, apparently it takes just one British man. Jake Dyson, a British man and also vacuum titan James Dyson’s son, has gifted the world with the blessing of a light bulb capable of running for […] More

  • NASA planning to make the entire solar system an Internet zone

    The 21st century life revolves around the Internet. We eat, sleep and walk Internet. In fact, such has become the scenario that we get FOMO (feeling of missing out) even if we’re off the internet for a few micro seconds. So, it was only time that someone put that technology in space as well. According […] More

  • US tech giant IBM patents Google Glass-like night vision eyewear

    IBM, the US based tech giant, seems to be keeping a close watch on Google. This js because the company has reportedly recently patented an an eye wear which is quite similar to Google’s much-famous Google Glass. Apparently, similar to Google’s product, the IBM offering would also come with comred-eyed night vision capabilities. Although the […] More