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  • How artificial intelligence could transform sector in 2019

    Artificial Intelligence is now already making our lives easier and revolutionizing some of the various industries and will now continue to be working in the future as well. According to the report which has been revealed by some of the experts, 2019 is going to be a landmark year in the entire history of the […] More

  • How Analytics Insures The Insurance Industry?s

    Insurance industry requires plenty of information to stay competitive among their peers. For your insurance business the next generation data solutions can help you collect and process huge amounts of the data in something very actionable intelligence. The insurance companies have got no physical products for managing and manufacturing. In this scenario, the data from […] More

  • Amazon-Go-Revolution

    Amazon India Plans To Become An Insurance Agent

    After making its mark in the Indian e-commerce industry, global online retailer Amazon has set its eyes on the Indian insurance sector. Amazon India wants to start selling life, health, and general insurance, as revealed by its filings with the Registrar of Companies (RoC). The company is aiming to carry out the business of soliciting, procuring, and servicing […] More

  • Digital Insurance Startup McXtra Raises $1.3 Mn In Funding

    One of the largest digital insurance broking startup McXtra has raised an amount of $1.3 million in its pre-Series A round from a clutch of 12 largest investors. The fresh funds will be allocated towards scaling up the company’s tech platform and reach out to more users and to expands its growth in the international […] More

  • Big data and insurance- Implications for innovation and privacy

    Big data and insurance: Implications for innovation and privacy

    On the principle of risk the insurance sector works. Insurance is the money which people claim after any bad incident. Insurance is rather a shield to protect from any bad incident in our life. It can be related to our health, life or for our vehicle. It is really important that we get a clear […] More

  • How AI and Machine Learning Are Used To Transform the Insurance Industry

    The insurance industry has always relied on data, but the quantity of data produced everyday and the pace of processing information by the machines has developed extensive changes. The insurance industry has suffered significant changes through effects of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Regarding the innovation and technology it can’t be considered as passive […] More