1. Internet Of Things
One of the most recent developments involving IoT is the designing of new films, which will help neuromorphic computers. Scientists, including Indian origin ones, have drawn inspiration from the human brain to create these. The films are printable, and will power IoT, which is in need of components as well as chips which may succeed […]
  1. Tech news
Isn’t finding an open WiFi everyone’s dream? The free internet comes in even more handy when you’re traveling and uploading about everything that catches your attention. In the social media age, your vacation is almost incomplete until you have Facebooked, Instagrammed or Snapchatted about all your experiences. Considering this trend, MTNL and BSNL along with […]
  1. Tech news
Internet has become an indispensable part of our lives. Whether its food, movies, work or staying connected to our near and dear ones, internet helps us in almost each and every part of our lives. Seeing the Internet revolutionise the urban areas while the rural side of countries remain completely oblivious about the tech and […]


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