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  • Crestron Wins 2018 Microsoft Global Internet Of Things Partner of the Year Award

    The company which is built on Microsoft Azure® platform, Crestron XiO Cloud™ IoT-based cloud service which has also been recognized for revolutionizing provisioning and management of workplace solutions Crestron, which is a global leader in control and automation technology for the modern workplace, has now accepted the prestigious 2018 Microsoft Global Partner of the Year […] More

  • Blockchain and IoT: Distinguishing the Hype from Reality

    Blockchain has been mentioned virtually by all research companies as the fast accelerating evolution and it is not only about the financial services companies, scope where we tackled the blockchain outside of cryptocurrency roots. Actually, blockchain convergence and Internet of Things are on an agenda for a lot of companies and there’re existing implementations, initiatives […] More

  • 5 “Smart” Things That Make Our Life Easier

    Life is getting amazingly simpler as the gadgets around us are getting smarter. With over 50 billion devices expected to be in the connected market by 2020, let us check out a few fruits of the Internet of Things revolution that will help us in our day to day life: Connected cars: With increase in […] More

  • How NXP Security,Connectivity Helped FIFA 2018

    NXP semiconductors N.V.  has proven its supremacy from time to time, in providing advanced smart solutions that support enhanced infrastructure and secure connections. NXP, as the chief commander in the smart connected solutions market has consistently driven itself in the direction of innovation and has offered unconventional advancement in end-to-end security, secure connected vehicle and […] More

  • Role of Bluetooth 5 in IoT

    The growth of technology is inevitable with the inception of new upgrades and enhancements every day.  The new upgrade in the Bluetooth technology is efficient in various ways. It comes handy in IoT platforms as wireless devices are becoming quintessential. The Bluetooth low energy specification offers a great advantage as it lowers the energy consumption […] More

  • Accenture-Google Partnership Offers End-to-End Capability

    In the year 2014, some of the business leaders talked about digital transformation. Now, the concept is practically inescapable in various forms of business, IT and management consulting circles, vague though it may be. But in Accenture’s estimation, which is one of the largest IT company on the globe, says that the heart of digital transformation […] More

  • Monetizing IoT devices

    The internet of things is a massive platform. It is a network that grows and matures everyday. Currently, around 5 billion people are connected to this network and it is estimated that it shall become a potential market with 7 billion drivers by 2020. Lot of people are eyeing on this for sector for monetisation. […] More

  • How IoT is powering businesses across industries

    The smartphone-driven IoT segment becomes a bit huger with every passing day. People are showing interest in the technology of IoT and want more things to be controlled and managed by it. Of course, the IoT technology has started to gain momentum in the market. So what actually the technology of IoT is? IoT or […] More

  • Is Artificial Intelligence The Catalyst To Unlock The Power Of IoT

    Is Artificial Intelligence The Catalyst To Unlock The Power Of IoT?

    AI is the engine that will enable analytics and decision making from the data collected by IoT. For companies to realize the full potential of IoT enablement, they need to combine IoT with rapidly-advancing Artificial Intelligence, which enable machines to simulate intelligent behavior and make well-informed decisions with little or no human intervention. In an […] More

  • Google launches first developer preview of android things, its new iot platform

    Google launches first developer preview of android things, its new iot platform

    Google launches Android things, its new IoT platform.  It is aiming at building smart devices which can be very much helpful to everyone. Google’s first Android things: Android things IoT is perhaps a great invention. The whole world is really amazed at this invention.  This will simply mix Google’s earlier invention Brillo with its tools […] More

  • Tech giant Microsoft acquires IOT solutions company Solair

    Internet of Things or IoT as we popularly know it, has revamped the way enterprises function. That too in a much dramatic way. The enterprise decision makers now have more actionable data than ever before, all thanks to the scale of the cloud and power of big data analytics. Using this appropriate information available, enterprises […] More

  • FIND- Search for your lost things in snap of a second

    Our busy lives keeps us always on the toes. In the midst of these chaos, it becomes even more chaotic when we have to spend hours and hours of our precious time, looking for something that we in the first place had kept at a safe location that we don’t even remember now. Wouldn’t it […] More

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