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  • BSNL and Tata Motors go for M2M Communication

    The era to a neoteric modern tech society, entering into the digital world, is now to invent smart cars. This invention and order is ready to be built by the major Indian automotive manufacturing company, Tata Motors with a hand of BSNL towards development and change. Headquartered in Mumbai, Tata Motors, is the meant for […] More

  • Why Consumers Haven’t Fully Adopted IoT Devices

    Internet of things (IoT) devices offer an innovative blend of digital and physical functionality, but most consumers are content to do without. According to a recent IoT technology survey from Clutch, consumers often unwittingly purchase an IoT device because that’s how many devices come now (i.e., smart TVs). That’s not to say that people don’t value […] More

  • PCB Design Software Options for your IOT Product

    When you are in the design stage of your printed circuit board design, you need to make sure that you are collecting all of the necessary documentation. This documentation will help the manufacturer to create the perfect circuit board and if you leave something out you might find that your project never gets completed. Here, […] More


    IOT Device CyberSecurity

    IoT Device Cyber Security Several high-profile studies over the recent years of IoT Device Cybersecurity have divulged the lack of measures taken observed among enterprises when it comes to insecure IoT devices. The usage of insecure IoT devices has been on a consistent increase lately. Credit: Edureka! No wonder do we have to face an abrupt […] More

  • How Do You Secure a Connected Home?

    The advent of technology has indeed been a revolution that changes the world completely with new devices being introduced on the market every day. With smartphones and advanced personal computer being a constant part of our lives, gadgets are entering into our households to make homes smarterand more efficient. With the introduction of smart home […] More

  • Arm Delivers Open Source Bluetooth Low Energy Software Stack

    Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) which is nowadays becoming so is quickly for the Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity protocol of choice for a variety of use cases, which also includes the smart lighting, smart cities and asset tracking, where low-cost, power consumption and small footprint are one of the major requirements. According to the 2018 Bluetooth […] More

  • Merits and Demerits of Bluetooth 5.0

    The advent of Bluetooth 5.0 in the IoT scene is promising enough to let firms know that their quality of connection and speed would increase manifold. There are multiple advantages for this formidable technology. They are superior to all the previous versions of Bluetooth essentially due to their improvised quality of performance.  Technology giants have […] More

  • Role of Bluetooth 5 in IoT

    The growth of technology is inevitable with the inception of new upgrades and enhancements every day.  The new upgrade in the Bluetooth technology is efficient in various ways. It comes handy in IoT platforms as wireless devices are becoming quintessential. The Bluetooth low energy specification offers a great advantage as it lowers the energy consumption […] More

  • Factors to Determine the Success of IoT Project

    IoT has emerged as the leader in today’s technology driven market. It has led to the emergence of smart and revolutionized interactions between people and technology. Today, everything can simply be connected to the world of internet, which is how IoT has emerged around us. The Internet of Things affects us, our technology, our world, […] More

  • What’s similar in Zigbee and Z-wave protocols

    Zigbee as well as Z-wave are both mesh wireless technologies that were made in the first place to very small amount of data in a span of short or medium distances. They were both built on a low power base as well. Over-viewing a brief about both the technologies, Z-wave was released in the year […] More

  • software trends

    Latest Trends In Software Development

    The digital platform has extended their capabilities in software development since the technological advancement that followed in the previous years. These technological advancements took the software development sector by storm. This has set many trends in the software development sector that developers are adopting on a regular basis.   The year 2018 has turned out […] More

  • AI and IoT: the brain and the body

    AI and IoT: the brain and the body

    In today’s progressive world Artificial Intelligence offers us many dynamic options. Like AI offers us how to take smart decisions, effective planning, evaluating options, calculating possibilities and strategist but to do all these you need IoT. As we all have studied in Biology that all are organs are connected. In the same way AI and […] More

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