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  • How Oil And Gas Industries Can Be Benefited From IoT

    How Oil And Gas Industries Can Be Benefited From IoT

    Deepwater Horizon tragedy took place in 2010 had shivered the nation for months. Almost 200 million gallons of oil gets spilt which is spread up to 16,000 miles along the coastline of Florida and Texas. Nearly 8,000 animals and 11 workers were killed because of this explosion. The major reason behind this spillage was an […] More

  • 10 cool things to check out at Microsoft Build 2019

    Microsoft Build is underway in Seattle, and this year’s premier developer conference is focused on empowering developers of all kinds, from experienced computer scientists to tech beginners with big ideas. We’re sharing the latest on Microsoft platforms, tools and services that are making it easier to create and innovate using Artificial Intelligence and mixed reality […] More

  • Smart Waste Management System Using IoT

    Smart Waste Management System Using IoT

    To keep our communities and homes free from unwanted clusters, all the densely populated villages and cities require a better waste management system. Every city had a waste management system but the operational standards are quite inefficient and it requires a touch of technology for betterment. Lack of efficient data-driven solutions which are inefficient in […] More

  • Amazon IoT adoption in automobile, Automation and Others

    Amazon Web Services which is a Cloud Service Provider are now showing a good uptake in India, especially in the field of home automation, automobile, Industrial IoT and security categories, according to the report which has been revealed. “There has been a growing interest in IoT services over the last two years and companies have […] More

  • Role of CNC machines in IOT manufacturing

    It is no doubt that various machinists are now enjoying the benefits of Internet of Things, in CNC manufacturing, including CNC machines and other tools as well. Just like any other breakthrough technology, it will need more time to adapt and mature, but the levels of excitement is indeed present in this case. As any […] More

  • AXISCADES and Altizon partner to deliver Industry 4.0 solutions

    Article Crux “We continue to expand and augment our engineering and manufacturing services with technology. Given our deep understanding of product development and shop floor manufacturing, and Altizon’s capabilities, we are confident of leveraging these technologies to help our customers mature in their own Industry 4.0 journey,” says Abhijit Chattopadhyay, VP Sales & Global Head […] More

  • Twilio intros Super SIM, Narrowband connectivity services for IoT

    Twilio is internet hosting its Signal developer convention in San Francisco this week. Yesterday was all about bots and taking funds over the cellphone; at the moment is all about IoT. The firm is launching two new (however associated) merchandise at the moment that can make it simpler for IoT developers to attach their units. […] More