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  • iot blockchain

    Can blockchain secure IoT? How?

    Blockchain and Internet of things (IoT) Let’s end the dilemma of can blockchain secure IoT? And if yes, then how? Internet of things is currently increasing the awareness among people about the potential that lies in connecting different devices together and automation. IoT also provides you with a platform where you can control and monitor […] More

  • Chai Point Launches IoT-Enabled Tea Dispenser

    Chai Point which is a Bangalore based Tea retail chain startup has now introduced a smart, IoT enabled tea dispensing machine which is known by the name as ‘boxC’, which is specially designed to serve the corporate employees and officials. Unlike the ordinary tea machines, this will help people provide tea made from the natural […] More

  • Security professionals invest in IoT management app Biizlo

    Biizlo, which is a Mumbai based home security startup has now secured Rs 3.2 crore in the funding round of angel. The investors include the Joge Bhardwaj and Ritesh Sharma, the directors of the Eagle Group. The new fund will help to boost the sales, along with the marketing, operations, and technology. Biizlo is operated […] More

  • Tech-based startup Fresh Rooms raises angel funding

    Technology-based sanitation startup Fresh Rooms has now secured the seed funding round of Rs 3 crore from the angel investors. “We are in conversation with other investors as well,” Ashutosh Giri, founder and chief executive officer of Fresh Rooms, said in a statement. ”The funding will be used to expand the brand to key cities […] More

  • Panasonic to start Internet of Things play in mobility segment in India

    Panasonic, which is a Japanese Corporation is now looking to diversify into the Internet Of Things(IoT)category in the mobile segment in India with the launch of new products such as the location trackers while even continuing its efforts to create a complete IoT products ecosystem which also includes the mobile handsets and earphones. “We largely […] More

  • Cisco, Salesforce form IoT and cloud collaboration alliance

    In order to help businesses all around the world become more productive, Cisco and Salesforce have joined hands in a strategic alliance to develop and market solutions. Together the companies will be developing solutions that will be joining Cisco’s collaboration, IoT and contact centre platforms with the Salesforce Sales Cloud, IoT Cloud and Service Cloud. […] More

  • Microsoft pushes to dominate IoT development by adding support for Arduino

    Tech giant Microsoft has always been a front row supporter of the Internet of Things (IoT) and all that is related to it. The company firmly believes that the enterprises’ ability to interconnect almost about everything and then collect the big data that those connected devices have created has the ability to become the next […] More

  • The IoT at home: NFC makes creating smart environments easier than ever

    It is no surprise any more. Internet of Things or IoT as it is more famously known, is a revolutionary thing in the world of technology. The best part about IoT is that it isn’t just one single technology, it’s many technologies coming together and working meticulously towards increasing efficiency, automation, and safety of our […] More

  • Utilities sector will drive IoT security market growth

    What’s next is the question we always seem to be asking ourselves every now and then. While most of us are often unclear on that front, the IoT (Internet of Things) security market seems to have all figured out. A recent study has revealed that the Utilities sector will be among the top sectors driving […] More

  • IBM introduces an entry level IoT course for developers

    Here’s some good news for young IoT enthusiasts who have been trying to figure out a way to get started in the big, promising world of Internet of Things. IBM, the global technology and innovation company, has joined hands with Coursera to create an entry level course focusing on IoT. The announcement by IBM comes […] More

  • How Amazon’s Alexa is Creating the Groundwork For IoT Enabled Homes?

    Most of us who are familiar or even remotely interested in IoT, the names of Google’s Brillo and Intel’s Edison platform is common place. Today, let me introduce a new contender in the consumer space of connected devices. Amazon, the shopping cart of the entire Internet, has made its first step forward into the homes […] More