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  • The fourth edition of Seeding Kerala to take in upcoming week

    The 27th edition of Convergence India Expo was successfully upheld last week, in Delhi. The event was a formal out-show of various latest technologies and trends in telecom, broadcast, cable and satellite TV, cloud and big data, IoT, etc. Other than that, Gurugram-based Innolabz also performed its POWER2IDEA competition keeping an agenda of exploring and developing […] More

  • Kerala: The Next AI Hub of Deep Tech Startup Ecosystem

    Article Crux One of our core philosophies is focusing on revenue generation over attracting external investments. Government order will help startups to work closely with government and come up with innovative solutions which are useful for the departments. The Kerala startup ecosystem has now taken off all its terms with respect to the latest developments […] More

  • Kochi to house country’s 1st cancer tech incubator

    Article Crux India will soon now going to gets its first cancer technology incubator at the Kerala Technology Innovation Zone in the KINFRA, Hi-Tech Park, Kochi to create one of the most innovations India focused development in the cancer care sector, according to the report which has been revealed. Setup by the Kerala Startup Mission, […] More

  • NetObjex Acquires Servntire Global

    NetObjex, which is a US based company today announced its acquisition about the Servntire Global of Kerala, India, to expand its product and customer base in the department of blockchain arena. Terms of the deal has still not been disclosed by the company officials. Servntire Global is a Blockchain solutions company which is working in the […] More