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  • Mistakes to Avoid While Promoting Your Mobile App

    The process of promoting a new app is essential, especially if your intent is for immediate downloads. The steps taken to promote an app are crucial to the success of the app. This usually determines how many people will decide to download and use the app. For any mobile application development company in the United […] More

  • Big Data

    Top 10 Advantages of Big Data in Financial Sectors

    Big data can be described as huge volumes of structured or unstructured data whose analysis can enable businesses to make strategic decisions. A proper understanding of big data through reporting can help businesses make significant progress and make better and more successful decisions in areas such as finance, human resources, customer service, and more. The […] More

  • 5 Offline Marketing Strategies that Support Your Online Brand

    A lot of times when companies create a comprehensive marketing strategy, a common mistake is to completely offline marketing and focus only on online channels. Experts confirm that the best way to achieve the best results is to combine online marketing actions with offline marketing. If we can reach our customers through different channels we […] More

  • Salesforce For Marketing And Customer Retention

    So, done with all your possible researches about how you can use Salesforce for Marketing and customer retention? So, what’s the conclusion? Most probably you must have decided to go for Salesforce! Well, this is an appreciable decision.  You have spent a lot of time as well as revenue in collecting data of the customers, […] More

  • Sigstr Raises $4M Funding Round as Marketing Tech Sector

    Sigstr, the Indianapolis-based marketing tech startup, announced this week that it has raised $4 million in new venture funding. The round was led by Edison Partners, with participation from past investors, including Hyde Park Venture Partners, HubSpot Ventures, High Alpha Capital, Battery Ventures, and 4G Ventures. Bryan Wade, Sigstr’s CEO, says the company plans to use the capital infusion to develop […] More

  • Real Benefit Of Getting Facebook Shares

    Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms comprising up to one billion users. Through this platform, a person can run his business or promote his business to the wider market. As internet has helped in creating relations throughout the world, Facebook has kept the world even smaller with its platform. People can easily […] More

  • Tips to Manage Your Outsourced Marketing Agency

    Do you outsource a lot of your work to another marketing agency? Outsourcing is a great way to keep costs and commitments in your business low, while still getting the job done and to a great standard. However, it can still be tricky to effectively communicate with people in another office. Here, we are taking […] More

  • Is App Based Marketing Sustainable In The Long Run?

    Traditional means of marketing on the Internet are failing. While market experts have been foretelling of this day for the last few years, in 2016 we finally see their words take effect. Most browsers have blocked all forms of flash based ads as they’re incredibly resource intensive. Next in line are banner and other text-based ads. […] More