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  • Wipro Launches AI and ML Solutions Powered by Amazon Web Services

    Wipro Limited a leading global information technology, consulting and business process services company, today announced the availability of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Wipro’s AI-enabled, on-demand solutions on AWS will govern critical supply chain processes, and drive enhanced operational efficiency, productivity and superior customer experience for […] More

  • AWS Drives a New Paradigm with Correct Machine Learning Tools

    Over the previous 10 years, AWS sprang out as a ruler in the cloud computing space and carried on dominating the market. According to the recent market report, cloud revenue hiked up to $70 billion, the pious year and out of this, AWS cornered the largest share. Also, 2018 appeared to be a successful mark […] More

  • PharmEasy uses Machine Learning to build One-Stop Solution

    India begins to achieve an exponential growth as the world’s third largest producer of drugs in terms of volume. Back, with three decades, the pharmaceutical sector in India has seen an enhancing growth. According to a report, India has now ranked up among the top five emerging pharmaceutical markets of the world. The pharmaceutical sector […] More

  • Begaluru-based Startups Dataturks Acqui-hired by Walmart Labs

    Walmart Labs, the technology unit of retail firm Walmart, has acqui-hired its third Indian startup, Dataturks, a Bengaluru-based Machine Learning (ML) -based Data Annotation Platform that do image bounding, document annotation, NLP and text annotations. The acquisition will lend a hand towards Walmart to further the usage of Dataturk’s machine learning capabilities for content enrichment. […] More

  • How machine learning is solving delivery Issues for Amazon

     With more than 100 million users on its platform, Amazon knows that Indian buy and how one part of the region different from the other. The key area of driving this know-how is data, which is even propelled by the company own machine learning initiatives. These measures will also lay the foundation of the artificial […] More

  • ML for Marketers

    ML Enables Marketers To Magnificently Use The Power Of Targeted Insights!

    In the present time, almost every company is using the potential of Machine Learning (ML) in one way or the other. Whether it is Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data or Machine Learning (MI), every enterprise is making sure they have the right resources and the technology to capitalize on the latest technology. Now a days, […] More

  • Benefits of machine learning in health care

    Benefits of machine learning in health care

    It is safe to say that there are too many manual processes in medicine. When in training, I write lab scores, diagnoses, and other graphic notes on paper. I always know this is an area where technology can help improve my workflow and hope it will also improve patient care. Since then, progress in electronic […] More

  • 7 AI And ML usecases Everyone Should Know

    Machine learning (ML) is a buzzword in the tech industry and there is a good for it. Machine learning refers to huge developments in areas in how computers can learn. If you’re new to the concept of “machine learning”, let me give you some context. Machine learning (ML) is a category of an algorithm that […] More

  • AI-Based FinTech Startup INDwealth Raises $30 Mn

    Former CEO of IBIBO Group and President of MakeMyTrip, Ashish Kashyap yesterday has announced his new Venture IndWealth, which is a wealth technology startup has now raised $30 Million from the Steadview Capital Investment Fund. The wealth management startup which will be going to be launched in January will be going to use the Artificial […] More

  • Summons Faced By Bussiness In Adopting Machine Learning

    Every business nowadays is growing rapidly by introducing smart technologies. Machine Learning is to diminish human efforts. It is a sub field of computer science which gives the capability for the computer to learn without being programmed explicitly. Existing algorithms are used to learn from the raw data given. Machine learning saves the time and […] More

  • Artificial intelligence And Machine Learning in healthcare

    Machine learning ensures great help in medical science, it makes the use of the huge data out the in the field of medical examination & surgery and operations. Medical science learns from a large group of data released from research and development (R&D), physicians and clinics, patients, caregivers etc. The saved data from big medical firms […] More

  • Machine Learning Trends

    Machine Learning Trends in Finance

    Machine Learning Trends in Finance – The financial sector in any company is largely dependent on statistical data and constant determining of market trends for maximum profit. A Machine Learning course can be a great booster to anyone working in the finance industry. Machine learning as a specialization course will require the student to possess […] More

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