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  • How to choose framework for mobile application development?

    Over these years I have been casting envious glances at modern web development tools, frameworks, and practices — dreaming of a working life filled with tech stack for mobile app development. Now to come up with anything rewarding and successful isn’t easy! You need to choose the right mobile technology stack. I will show you how? So, […] More

  • Can mobile spy apps really monitor WhatsApp messages or is it just a hoax?

    Before we delve into the details of whether a spying application can truly monitor WhatsApp messages remotely, an explanation is required on how WhatsApp encrypts messages. WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption meaning that the information you share is only accessible to the receiver. Third parties, including folks at WhatsApp, governments or security agencies, can’t read WhatsApp […] More

  • Why cross-platform development important to your business booster

    With the expansion of mobile cross platform development, organizations are never again subject to a single stage. They are supporting the telephones, tablets just as beginning advances, and other gadgets just as the most encouraging innovation till date, for example, the Internet of Things. There are different undertakings empowering numerous stages following Windows, Apple’s iOS, […] More

  • 3 Reasons Why You Should Implement AI into App Development

    AI is revolutionizing the app experience. Learn how best to capitalize on AI during the app development stage. AI (artificial intelligence) gives e-commerce apps the insights needed to create highly personalized and successful shopping experiences. AI is an umbrella term that refers to a range of technology that performs like a person yet is enhanced […] More

  • Importance of UI in Conversion Optimization

    Conversion optimization is the central focus of mobile app developers. Gone are the days when all you needed to do is create a unique app and put it out there. With the stiff competition in the mobile app market today, creating a one-of-a-kind app just doesn’t cut it. You need to go the extra mile […] More

  • How AI Is Transforming App Development?

    Today, mobile applications are being developed for almost everything. Due to a cut-throat competition among businesses across fields, mobile app developers are trying to come up with more unique and sophisticated apps day by day. Apps help businesses to reach their audience and provide services anytime and anywhere. Increased use of technology and implementing wiser […] More

  • How Augmented Reality Improves App Marketing

    Brands have begun incorporating augmented reality into their marketing efforts, creating a more interactive and immersive experience for customers. This article will explain how augmented reality is changing how companies market their apps. App marketing continues to innovate and grow as the competition steepens. As an emerging technology in the consumer market, augmented reality provides […] More

  • Narendra Modi to launch app to rope in volunteers

    For the people who work in a more effective volunteering professionals and companies for some of the main causes of the social life, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi will soon going to launch a mobile app which is merely based on digital marketing platform. Professionals keen on doing volunteer work in their free time […] More

  • Airtel Acquire AuthMe, An AI Led Mobile Security Startup

    On Wednesday, Bharti Airtel said that it has inked an acquihire deal with AuthMe ID Services (“AuthMe”), a Bengaluru based start-up focused on Artificial Intelligence-based solutions, to increase its efforts around AI technology-based products. As part of the deal, the core team of AuthMe will join Airtel and be a part of Airtel X Labs […] More

  • Kony Continues its Magic for six years

    Kony Inc. one of the best and leading solution provider company for digital application, they had announced that it will be named as Leader by Gartner at Magic Quadrant 2018 for Mobile App Development Platforms, which was positioned as most completed mission of Kony and got recognised by Gartner among one of the Leader in […] More

  • 10 insights to get from your client before building their app

    “Do what today others won’t, so tomorrow, you can do what others can’t.” Brian Rogers Loop App development services sell like a hot cake in the tech industry, and this is why app development is in demand since the rise of mobile apps. With iOS and Android app stores fueled with over 58,00,000 apps, the future […] More

  • What Should Be Included in the Taxi App Development for Business?

    Over these years, Uber has done some gigantic change in taxi and transport industry that everybody needs to make an application like Uber. Not just that, the taxi app development mammoths had made the life of customary taxi services horrendous. They are gradually vanishing as travelers are picking better other options to book taxis in a hurry. […] More

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