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  • Vizury gets Acquired by Affle India for $10 Million

    Mobile marketing company Affle (India) has acquired Bengaluru-based Vizury Interactive Solutions’ commerce business and brand in an all-cash deal, the company said in a statement. Affle (India), which had earlier filed papers for an Initial Public Offering (IPO), did not disclose the financials of the deal. On Sunday, sources close to the development told BusinessLine that as […] More

  • IOS 12 features from Beta Versions

    Being introduced to the latest versions of the iOS is always a treat.  With the latest version of iOS being launched, it has created a stir in the market. Everyone is eyeing on the new details and features that are coming along with it. So, let us take a tour of the new added features. […] More

  • Major Changes in Android P

    With android competing in the developers market, it came up with it’s the latest version of android P, it has been exclusively built for all the pixel, there are a few other models as well who support the upgrade, allowing devices to support better optimization of the device. The latest version android promises the best […] More

  • Why stick to iOS in this world of infinite choices?

    If you are deciding upon the operating system to go for while purchasing your device – smartphone, tablet etc, just think of a device that is caring enough to remind you that you have actually browsed enough, and should keep away from your phone. It is none other than an iOS Apple iPhone, iPad or […] More

  • Facts to consider before selecting the mobile app development platform

    The mobile app development sector has become a lucrative field in this day and time. Several small-scale and large-scale businesses are considering a digital approach for their business. As the significance of mobile applications is increasing, the businesses have to understand the business potential of their early app arrival in the industry. The earlier they […] More