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  • Why is NLP Important to Enterprise Analytics?

    The impact of natural language processing (NLP) on the productivity and decision quality within an organization cannot be overstated. As simplified search analytics expands into all corners of the enterprise, the business can expect business users to embrace advanced analytics and, in so doing, to become more of an asset to the organization. The Gartner […] More

  • SBI Holdings Invests In AI-Based Automation Company

    AntWorks has raised ₹103 crores ($15 million) in series A funding from Japenese investment firm SBI Investment Co, a subsidiary of SBI Holdings. The funds raised will be used to boost its growth in Artificial Intelligence, research & development, along with strengthing its marketing and sales as it ventures into new markets. SBI Investment and AntWorks will also be forming […] More

  • Google Announces AutoML Vision, NLP, Translation, and Contact Center AI

    At this time at Google’s Cloud Subsequent convention in San Francisco, the Mountain View firm introduced it’s increasing Cloud AutoML — the machine studying platform it introduced at Google I/O final 12 months — into new domains. Google revealed that since January, round 18,000 clients have expressed curiosity in AutoML Imaginative and prescient. The concept […] More

  • Machine Learning To Understand The Human Immune System.

    Machine learning has been used in various fields and businesses. Same has been implied ton the immunity system. Our immune response is more or less a machine-learning problem where in our body acts as a computer. With the aid of machine learning technologies, somewhat similar analysis has come to the surface. As we know, the […] More

  • Salesforce to research about Natural Language Processing

    The Salesforce Research team is trying to catch the essence of natural language processing with the help of modern devices. The research team have come up with best kind of device to measure the nuances of natural language processing. In a recent newspaper article, the team has described there intention on research of Natural Language […] More

  • Artificial Intelligence

    15 fantastic use cases that take the best of chatbots

      Forget apps. Now, given the possibility to interact using natural language, and the power of computer processing in their backend, conversational interfaces (chatbots) are the trend. Chatbots can be applied in a myriad of areas such as medical, financial, customer services, user assistance and the list goes on. From all these prospects, discover 15 […] More