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  • IIT-Madras creates ‘Shakti’, India’s first microprocessor

    Some of the researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras has now designed India first microprocessor which is known by the name as Shakti, which can be used in mobile devices and gadgets. According to the report by the IIT-M, Shakti Microprocessor can be used in a networking system and low power wireless systems […] More

  • MIT-developed AI learns language like a child does

    At the time of teaching language to the Artificial Intelligence system, we normally use the different set of annotations which describes how words really work. But this is not used in almost all the cases, even if everybody agresses on those annotations, it usually takes a lot of time to produce and can still seem […] More

  • AI Powered Sentieo raises $19 million in Series A

    New Delhi and San Francisco based financial research startup Sentieo, has now secured $140 Crore in the funding round of Series A which is led by the Centana Growth partners. Some of the other existing investors also participated in the round. The company will be going to use the funds for the expansion of its […] More

  • Cisco Chairman Invests in Cybersecurity Startup Lucideus

    Lucidus, which is a cybersecurity startup has now secured $5 Million in a funding round which was led by the Cisco chairman Emeritus Chambers. The company as of now has a plans to use the funds to increase its presence across the USS, and in the Indian market as well. The company also wants to […] More

  • Infosys Reveals 4.0 AI version for global enterprises

    Largest IT consulting firm, Infosys yesterday has revealed the 4.0 version of the AI framework for infrastructure, industry, enterprises, and utilities with Finland based engineering and consulting firm Poyry Inc. “The Kriti 4.0 version AI framework addresses lifecycle management challenges industry, utilities, and infrastructure enterprises face in operational technology (OT) systems,” said the city-based IT […] More

  • Microsoft Awarded as an ‘Healthcare AI Company of the Year’

    One of the largest Product based IT company Microsoft India has now been named as ‘Indian healthcare Artificial intelligence and Cloud Computing Company of the year’ at the Frost and Sullivan’s 2018 which is India Best Practices Awards held in a Banquet in Mumbai. In the era of the modern era, Microsoft is bringing some […] More

  • Portrait by AI program sells for $432,000

    A portrait which is made with the help of AI algorithms crossed all the new boundaries yesterday, as it has been sold at the cost of $432,500 and has also become the first piece of AI art which sold at a major auction house, according to the report which has been revealed. At the first […] More

  • Betaout acquired by tech marketing firm Bluecore

    New York-based Bluecore Inc., which is marketing automation solution startup which serves as an e-commerce platform has now acquired the Betaout, Inc., for an undisclosed amount of sum, according to the report which has been revealed. The company officials said in a statement that the latest deal, which comes on the help of a foray […] More

  • Baidu challenges Google with A.I. that translates languages

    Baidu, which is an internet giant search engine has now revealed an Artificial intelligence powered tool today which can easily translate the Chinese language into German in the real-time scenario, in a move to challenge a rival product from the IT Tech Search Giant Google. As of now, many of the translation services online allow […] More

  • IBM is creating perfume using artificial intelligence

    Symrise, which is one of the largest and world-leading manufacturers of the flavorings and fragrances, is now going to create some of the creative paths. In collaboration with the IBM Research, the company as of now is currently developing a method of using the process of AI to create the perfumes which are based on […] More

  • Honda taps SoundHound to help make an in-car AI assistant

    One of the largest car manufacturer Honda has not been shy about wanting an Artificial Intelligence assistant in its cars and it is also bringing in a partner to ensure that there must be an assistant that one you will want to use. The automaker has also tapped the SoundHound to speed up the research […] More

  • Google releases AI based open source reinforcement learning framework

    Google is now helping its researchers team to train the Artificial Intelligence models with the help of an open sourcing a reinforcement learning frameworks which are mainly used for its projects. Reinforcement learning has been used for some of the most impressive Artificial Intelligence demonstrations so far which also includes those which beat the human […] More

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