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  • Nvidia Reveals new self-driving platform

    Article Crux Nvidia Corp yesterday at an event in the CES revealed its drive AutoPilot platform with the latest artificial intelligence technologies which can enable the next level of self-driving cars by the end of 2020, which also further strengthens its position in the industry. Driver AutoPilot is also a part of the Nvidia Drive […] More

  • Nvidia’s new AI converts real-life videos into 3D renders

    NVIDIA has announced the groundbreaking Artificial intelligence which enables the developers for the first time to render the entirely synthetic, interactive 3D environments with the help of a model trained on the real world videos. The technology offers the potential to quickly create a virtual world for automotive, gaming, robotics, architecture and virtual reality. The […] More

  • Magic Leap promises google to launch this summer

    Magic Leap Inc. is ready to give their most promising and long awaited edition of mixed reality googles in this summer. The promising of the came out and announced a new investment along with an exclusive retail launch partner as the form of AT& T Inc. The “Magic Leap One Create Edition” this google was […] More

  • Nvidia Triples AI Super Computer container in Cloud

    Nvidia added nine new GPU- charged supercomputers container to there cloud services. Nvidia has expanded its Nvidia GPU Cloud to 35 containers and they have also made there about triple than previous year launch. Nvidia is aiming to help most dedicated engineers who are running heavy workloads which use machine learning crush there mathematical equations […] More

  • Nvidia’s AI is creating excellent slow-motion videos

    Nvidia’s research team has created an AI system to transform a normal original video into a perfect smooth slow-motion video with incredible finishing. The broad strokes – To capture high – end quality slow motion video requires brilliant equipment, large storage, and a great setting to capture perfect slow-motion video. The frame per second while […] More

  • US release it’s Supercomputer after China’s record

    The world’s most powerful Supercomputer is out now by the US Department’s Energy Oak’s Ridge National Laboratory at Tennessee. The name of the supercomputer is ‘summit’ it has most efficient computing processor of 200 petaflops or can calculate  200 million billion calculation in just second. These qualities are making this computer more faster than any […] More

  • Jetson Xavier by Nvidia a new kind of AI chip for robots

    Jensen Huang Nvidia Chief Executive today launched Jetson Xavier, developed with robots and drones in mind a new artificial intelligence chip. The company launched the system along with a development toolkit called Isaac by their competitors. The bundle has three components a simulator that enable robot makers test and train the algorithms they built for Jetson Xavier in the […] More

  • Nvidia to lead 'AI Revolution' fdgvbdfg fdgfdgfd

    Nvidia to lead ‘AI Revolution’

    Nvidia is gaining upper hand as GPUs are becoming increasingly important in AI. However, it has surely occupied the driving seat after it successfully released Volta, the latest GPU venture that will shake up the world of AI altogether. In a grand announcement, Nvidia charted out the plan that will take them to the pinnacle […] More