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  • 5 Modern Use Cases of Predictive Analytics for Quality Healthcare

    Predictive analytics is a kind of analytics where data from various sources are used to predict the future through activity, trends, and behavior. It makes use of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to understand what the future might bring. This is done through data mining, analytical techniques, and predictive modeling techniques. The analytics system […] More

  • ACTICO Machine Learning: Designed to Drive AI-Powered Automation Across the Business

    ACTICO, a global leader in providing software for intelligent automation, today announced the launch of ACTICO Machine Learning in India, a first-of-its-kind of software platform that enables integration of the ‘predictive’ capability of Machine Learning models in the decision making process in a business. Ensures orchestration of machine learning and business rule models Automatic retraining […] More

  • How does AI Influence Sports Predictions?

    Artificial Intelligence is when different aspects of learning or features of intelligence are taught to a machine, which can be simulated to solve the kind of problems reserved for humans. So we can say that AI is when a language or certain set of instructions is taught to a machine to solve human problems and […] More

  • Big data has extensive capabilities and a wide range of applications

    Big Data Trends that will Shape 2019

    Big Data Trends – The road ahead While 2018 saw continued growth and dependency on big data, the world also witnessed high-profile data breaches and online scams. Today, big data has become integral for business, particularly online business. Its growing dependency has manifested in a clear shift in the focus of business towards data-driven decision […] More

  • Know About Data Mining & Predictive Analytics – Infographic

    We’ve all been surprised when, we’re browsing a website and an advertisement for something that we’ve been thinking about buying pops up. How does the computer know that we’ve been thinking about buying something, and how does it know how to populate the ad in order to lure us into buying it? Well, that’s an […] More

  • Decision makers see positive impact from IoT, AI, predictive analytics

    Some of the decision makers are optimistic about the actual impact of the Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain and predictive analytics on the society and business, but costs security concerns and some of the lacking up of skills are barriers to adoption, according to the research. Titled ‘The Cycle of Progress,’ the study revealed […] More

  • 4 Stages of Data Analytics

    Stats on the amount of data being used throughout the world are mind-boggling. A report from Forbes suggests that Google conducts more than 3.5 billion searches every day. This boom in data has provided enterprises with enormous opportunities to derive insights that can help them achieve their business goals. The need for data analytics has […] More

  • Cisco-backed CloudCherry secures $9 million

    US and India-based customer experience management startup CloudCherry has raised around ₹65 crores in the second round of series A funding. The round was led by US-based Pelion Venture Partners, it will also receive additional funds from existing investors including Cisco Investments, Vertex Ventures, and IDG VenturesIndia. The funds raised will be used to grow business in North American and Southeast Asian markets, along with strengthening […] More

  • Trends Driving the future of BigData in 2018

    Big Data Analytics is a method of uncovering hidden patterns. The right Big Data service will help interpret unknown correlations, market trends and other necessary information. It deals with the examination of large sets of data differing in types. This process is majorly used by companies in order to maximize their business benefits. What is […] More

  • Google can predict death’s with 95% of Accuracy using AI

    A large technical team is working upon computer system of Artificial Intelligence that will predict the death date of patient after getting admitted within 24 hours away in hospital. This is real stumble to know that Artificial intelligence are trying to get the prediction with 95% of exact accuracy. It will be done after analyzing […] More

  • AI and IoT: the brain and the body

    AI and IoT: the brain and the body

    In today’s progressive world Artificial Intelligence offers us many dynamic options. Like AI offers us how to take smart decisions, effective planning, evaluating options, calculating possibilities and strategist but to do all these you need IoT. As we all have studied in Biology that all are organs are connected. In the same way AI and […] More