Predictive analytics

Role of Predictive Analytics in Revolutionizing Rural Education in India

In India, lots of kids in rural areas have trouble getting good

Sunil Sonkar Sunil Sonkar

Are Digital Twins the ‘Next Big Thing’ in Analytics?

Data has completely revolutionized our life. Each sector relies heavily on the

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How Predictive AI Protects Against Ransomware, GANs and More

Ransomware has been dominating cybersecurity news lately after devastating attacks continue to

Igor Mezic Igor Mezic

Is it Better to be Proactive or Reactive?

Workflow is important when it comes to running your business. You want

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Top 12 Reason How Machine Learning Grow Your Business Value

 Machine Learning is providing solutions for many existing problems in any domain.

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CYFIRMA helps businesses fight cybercrime with predictive insights and cyber-intelligence

CYFIRMA, a threat discovery and cyber-intelligence analytics company, today introduced DeCYFIR, a

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Big Data Analytics trends to watch out in 2020

With 2020 upon us, information and examination pioneers are indeed researching their

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How to Transform Patient Care with Predictive Health Diagnostics

Healthcare organizations, whether in countries where the state shoulders the cost, or

Dariya Lopukhina Dariya Lopukhina

How Can Your E-commerce Business Benefit From Machine Learning

In the past few years, consumers have completely changed their shopping habits.

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In-Med Prognostics launches NEUROShield, a brain quantifying analytics tool

In-Med Prognostics, a health tech company developing AI based brain health diagnostic

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12 Ways Predictive Analytics Is Changing the E-Commerce Industry

Although concepts like predictive analysis and intelligence have existed for so many

Manipal Dhariwal Manipal Dhariwal

The Importance of Predictive Analytics for eCommerce

Every business owner out there wants that extra competitive edge. Big data

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How AI and Big Data is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been bringing a transformative change, revolutionizing the healthcare

Lauren Williams Lauren Williams

Datacultr introduces Predictive Fraud Management Solution

Datacultr (a PaaS for consumer lending companies) aims at helping reduce the

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