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  • Qualcomm vs Apple legal Fight on NSG and 5G

    A long-running fight in court amongst Apple and Qualcomm over patent permitting expenses has taken an astonishing swing because of 5G and national security contemplations, Bloomberg reports. The innovation organizations went head to head today at an International Trade Commission hearing in Washington, D.C. that could hinder the import of certain iPhones that are asserted […] More

  • Former Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacob started Xcom Aims 5G

    Paul Jacobs’ new San Diego startup Xcom is appropriately named. It is as yet an extremely obscure reaction to the indistinct circumstance with Qualcomm, the previous home of its three organizers. Jacobs reported Xcom with a tweet (underneath), taking note of that Qualcomm’s previous president and CTO — Derek Aberle and Matt Grob — are […] More

  • Snapdragon 850 Tuned for PC’s

    Whenever Microsoft and Qualcomm reported “Constantly Connected” Windows 10 PCs back in late 2016, it was uncovered that the main delivery frameworks would be fueled by the Snapdragon 835 processor. The original of convertibles PCs have dispatched from any semblance of ASUS, HP and Lenovo with that processor stage on board, however another age will […] More

  • Arm announces Cortex A76 to enhance Laptop Performance

    In Austin, Texas to take over Intel’s latest Skylake chips, Arm announced a new mobile CPU core that can deliver performance within 10% of the latest chips . The new Mali G76 GPU and V76 video cores are present in tandems of the new Cortex-A76 which also runs for more than 3GHz in a 7nm […] More