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  • India working on robots that may patrol borders

    As a part of simply enhancing the capabilities of India’s Defence, scientists have been also quietly working on all terrain AI enabled robots that may also eventually patrol the borders of our country. Some of the scientists from the defense PSU Central Research Laboratory and Bharat Electronics Limited in the Bangalore, who began on his […] More

  • Industrial Robotics Market Benefits from Automation

    The need for increasing manufacturing quality and speed and reduce production costs has resulted in the development of a new range of machines called industrial robots. Such robots can carry out a host of tasks with accuracy, speed, greater flexibility, and consistent quality. Consequently, they find a wide number of applications in SMEs as well […] More

  • Amazon buys warehouse robotics startup Canvas Technology

    One of the largest ecommerce platform Amazon has now revealed that it has acquired a robotics startup, Canvas Technology that has built autonomous cars that can move the goods around warehouses. As of now, there is no report on the financial amount of the deal. But the company said that “share a common vision for […] More

  • IIT-Madras Students created Robot to clean septic tanks and sewers

    Students of IIT-Madras came up with a performable sanitation solution, ranged between 10 lakh to 30 lakh. The Sepoy Septic Tank Robot uses high-velocity cutters to cut through the thick sludge in septic tanks and clear drains, once the sludge is cut through, it is sucked out using a vacuum pump, according to a Financial […] More

  • New robots at Flipkart sort out 5000 parcels an hour

    One of the largest India eCommerce platforms, Flipkart has now revealed India first robot based sortation technology, at its sortation facility in the Bangalore. These robots can quickly sort the 5000 parcels every hour, as around 450 parcels were sorted by the human being in the same sort of time. These AGV charge themselves automatically […] More

  • Machine Learning Will Change Every Business Sector

    Businesses in the world are rapidly evolving and there’s a significant need for automation-related applications and software, given the fact that the modern era’s technology has reached a point in which it’s possible to implement autonomous, self-learning features within such software, let’s analyse how machine learning will impact every business sector from 2019 and beyond. […] More

  • HCL Tech gets $1.3 billion renewal deal from Xerox

    HCL Technologies has now signed a new contract with the Xerox Corp which is worth Rs 8982 crore. Under this seven-year agreement, HCL said it will now manage, Xerox support and global administrative functions as well as the information technology and finance functions. The relationship between the Xerox-HCL began in 2009 with the support and […] More

  • Japan the emerging country in Artificial intelligence

    All the things are becoming automated nowadays due to this to make the work less for human robots are introduced. Earlier the robots were given the specific task only and that specific task is done by those robots only but about year ago only we have got the first human-robot named Sophia which has almost […] More

  • World first’s Haptic Robot that can transmit touch

    Nowadays, we see many developments in the technology world and on a daily basis new innovation take place while others invented. We will see more Robots over the world in near future. We are near to the robotic era where a different type of robot will do their assigned work, from handling thing in a […] More

  • A robot that reacts to Hindustani classical music

    Article Crux Jamoora — the first of its kind that the developers say the response to Hindustani classical music — can be used as a teaching tool by schools and colleges to make learning more funfilled. They way the Jamoora executes these actions is controlled by the Hindustani Classic Music played with the command like […] More

  • SoftBank rebrands venture arm with focus on Asia

    Softbank group, which is one of the largest Japanese tech giant venture capital firms, has now been rebranded themselves as the Softbank Venture Asia, and will now focus more on the investment in the Southeastern part of China and Asia. Softbank Ventures Asia is one of the early stage investment vehicles of the Softbank Group […] More

  • Drone Startup Asteria Aerospace Raises Funds From Boundary holdings

    Nowadays technology is revolving and so the industry, in this world of drones, there are lots of startups which is making their pace in the Artificial Intelligence, Aerospace, Machine learning etc. In India, drone startups are also increasing, and recently Asteria Aerospace which is a Bangalore based, Artificial Intelligence powered and drone startup have secured […] More

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