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  • Secret behind the technology of OLED TV

    Article Crux In any case, quick forward as far as possible of 2018 and we presently have various TV producers with OLED sets in their TV line-up: LG, Panasonic, Sony, Philips, Toshiba, Bang and Olufsen, and Loewe, to give some examples. 4K OLED TVs with HDR incorporate LG’s best oled tv OLED55C8PLA and the Ambilight-toting […] More

  • Samsung Showcases 5G Tech for Smart Agriculture in India

    In a race to deploy the 5G, Samsung Electronics yesterday has revealed that how its solutions can help in a variety of a 5G powered business scenarios and models for the smart cities, agriculture and home broadband services in India. According to the company, smart agriculture will be going to be a focus key area […] More

  • Samsung Launches Chipsets To Make Cars Smarter

    One of the largest IT Tech Giant company Samsung has now made its entry into auto space with the introduction of its new brands which is much more targeted at the solution with respect to the automobiles. The Samsung ISOCELL and Exynos Auto which also offers the cutting edge processor and the image sensor technology […] More

  • Samsung Note 9’s Camera Improved with latest updates

    It was only last month that Samsung had released its Note 9 smartphone, and after that, it soon send out an update to stop the device from activating Bixby assistant accidentally. This time, over a month after releasing the phone, has released another update – which mostly focuses on its camera and thereby improving it. […] More

  • Samsung announces new SmartThings mesh Wi Fi System

    Now Samsung has bring a new biggest update to its Wi-Fir product line that the company announced yesterday, for which using the new AI based wifi tech from the Plume Design Palo Alto based startup to provide the better connectivity to an entire office or home. This solution is the company new SmartThings Wi-fi mesh […] More

  • Samsung will Reportedly Launch Foldable-Screen Phone in Early 2019

    At that size, Samsung is veering into tablet territory – but because it’s foldable, the handset will likely be as portable as just like the smaller models. It’ll be so interesting to see how this pans out. The Korean hardware conglomerate is also believed to be working on curved batteries for their latest upcoming device, along with flexible […] More

  • Samsung-ARTIK-Cloud-Logo

    Samsung’s new focus on IOT

    Internet of things has perhaps changed the world. It has bought a new look to the entire world. A recent study has revealed that maximum companies are making the best use of Internet of things. ARTIK’S role on Internet on things: Very recently Samsung’s ARTIK is providing a wide range of facility. It has as […] More

  • Reasons of Samsung Note7 failure

    Reasons for Samsung Note7 failure and impact on Samsung brand

    Reasons of Samsung Note 7 failure: Samsung has found out 92 reports of Note 7 batteries that are blasting because of overheating .  With 26 burn reports and 55 property damage reports, the set is yet to be banned. The company is now working on the potential to recall the Note 7s for second time. According to […] More

  • Samsung defeats Apple to win phone of the year award

    Here’s some good news for the crisis stricken South Korean tech giant Samsung. While on one hand, the company is all over the news for its new Note 7 phone overheating and exploding, on the other hand, its S7 Edge has recently been awarded the best phone of the year by one of the leading […] More

  • Samsung’s new ‘safe’ Galaxy Note 7 phones aren’t safe at all

    Samsung has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons. The tech giant recently had to face international criticism for recalling 2.5 million Note 7 phones since customers reported about potentially dangerous overheating, even exploding of the device in some cases. After the embarrassing recall fiasco, Samsung began a costly replacement programme in […] More

  • Should You Upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S7 from the S6?

    When it comes to Android devices, one company stands head and shoulder above all others-Samsung. Fuelling this Korean Giants meteoric rise to the top of the Android smartphone market has been the success of its Galaxy lineup of smartphones, watches, and even TVs. Today we take a look at the latest flagship in the S […] More