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  • HAYR Launches India’s 1st Free-Float City Self-Drive Car Share Service

    HAYR Technology, a Chandigarh based startup is planning to bring forth a latest modulated technology in India that will be adaptable, convenient, secure and hassle-free. In April 2019, HAYR plans to launch India’s first free-float self-drive car share service in Chandigarh Tri-City, followed by other cities that includes Pune, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. Considering the new innovated […] More

  • Nvidia Reveals new self-driving platform

    Article Crux Nvidia Corp yesterday at an event in the CES revealed its drive AutoPilot platform with the latest artificial intelligence technologies which can enable the next level of self-driving cars by the end of 2020, which also further strengthens its position in the industry. Driver AutoPilot is also a part of the Nvidia Drive […] More

  • BMW Group Partners With KPIT, TTTech For Autonomous Driving

    One of the largest premium car manufacturer, The BMW Group has now signed on KPIT and TTTech as the latest innovative technology partner for its autonomous car driving platform. The main objective of the collaboration with the TTTech and KPIT is to press ahead with the scalable autonomous driving platform and to work together on […] More

  • Toyota, SoftBank team up for self-driving cars

    Toyota Motor Corp. and Japanese tech conglomerate Softbank Corp. will jointly make up a fund of a new mobility company that combines autonomous driving and ride-hailing with on-demand retail shopping delivered to people’s doorsteps by vehicles such as Toyota’s futuristic e-Palette. The new company, to be called Monet Technologies Corp., will be 50.25 percent owned […] More

  • Self Driving cars for transportation is targeted by 2020

    Knowing the fact that self- driven cars are the future in the field of transportation. There are some reports which states that around 10 million vehicles based on self- driven system are going to run on the roads by the year 2020. They will help in moving passengers from one place to another place, just […] More

  • Elon Musk planning Tesla mini-car

    By getting the huge great performance and increased in the production of the “Model 3” cars, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is now going to introduce a new concept of car, which is a mini car. The company just today morning announced on the social media platform twitter, that right now they are in the planning […] More

  • Tesla

    Tesla is making AI chips in-house for its self-driving cars

    Elon Musk, who is the CEO and Founder of tesla has unveiled yesterday that Tesla is developing its own hardware in its bid to bring self-driving cars to the public in the industry soon. Up to now Tesla has used Nvidia’s Drive Platform, but this will be replaced by a new platform which is known […] More

  • Selfdriving car companies are racking up simulated miles

    Autonomous cars are already cruising down the streets on the road. Self-driving vehicles from Waymo, for example, are picking up riders in Phoenix, Arizona, and a company called is running an autonomous car system that carries people around a part of Frisco, Texas. Time on the actual road is so valuable as of now. But […] More

  • Bosch and Foreca’s in self-driving cars predicts Road conditions

    It is easy for humans to drive in more bitter conditions, but its very difficult to do same foe self- driven car- Google talked about Waymo’s prototypes experiences the feel of cold and saw snow for the first time in this year. This is reason behind why an electronic company Bosch is partnering with Foreca, […] More

  • Waymo’s Autonomous vehicles are driving 25,000 Miles/Day

    Waymo is the former self driving project by Google which turned into a massive business with the help of Alphabet, which have given the ride for driver of 8 million miles on the roads for public by driving autonomous vehicles/ The CEO of Waymo Mr. John Krafchik had given detail about the milestone which the […] More

  • Audi is in partnership with Israel’s startup Cognata

    Audi a German carmaker company has partnered with an autonomous vehicle simulation provider Cognata Ltd to enhance the growth of self-governing vehicle. The Cognata Ltd is Israel based startup stated that its simulation vehicle is going to create city of real world, we will be providing various methods of testing systems, which include various traffic […] More

  • Role of Big Data in changing Auto Industries

    The vehicle business is dependable at the front line of innovative patterns. This is surely the situation with regards to huge information and a portion of the applications that originate from it. Enormous Data Meets Auto Industry Wearable gadgets, keen home apparatuses, complex calculations that power progressed B2B programming… the internet of things (IoT), fueled […] More

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