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  • Will Smart City affect the life of Indians?

    Smart City means different things to different people; for some it is a very technologically advanced city and for some it means getting all the basic necessities for a normal lifestyle. Smart City basically consists of all those aspects which make a city better like waste management, water management, better standard of living, good transportation […] More

  • India Gets Its 1st ‘SMART’ Railway Coach with AI-Enabled CCTVs

    Indian Railways received its first SMART coach yesterday (29 August) with 100 more such coaches to be manufactured within a year, Financial Express has reported. The SMART coaches will shift focus from predictive maintenance to preventive maintenance by using sensors, the report says. The coach is being built on a Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) platform, by Modern Coach […] More

  • Bosch India is first to achieve better automation, electrification and connectivity

    In a report by global data, India has become the fourth nation in the world by overtaking Germany in the field of automatic market. Companies across the globe are working intentionally to get their leading position secured and doing best for enhancing their innovation and research &  development (R&D) work so that they can fulfill […] More

  • A few use cases of the Internet of Things business across a variety of industrial sectors

    Internet of Things business across industries: sectors and use cases

    The second industrial revolution is here with the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and it has started to create a profound effect on various businesses and business patterns. IoT is changing the way work and businesses are done from the government to utilities, from logistics and transports, from manufacturing to retail. Let us […] More

  • Can a tech company build a city? Ask Google

    Can a tech company build a city? Ask Google

    Google’s parent company known as “Alphabet” owns an urban innovation startup company known as “Sidewalk Labs”, which has announced an agreement of partnership with the City of Toronto for developing a quayside precinct. With such a huge project in hand, I think it is about time that we ask Google, Can they build cities? The […] More

  • Data Management Role in Smart Cities

    Data Management Role in Smart Cities

    Technology has a huge impact on the lives of individuals, business, and government. With the technological advances, evolution in the field of communication has grown exponentially as well. They solely rely on the heavy data exchanges. This had a huge impact on the overall infrastructure of cities across the world. One of the features of […] More