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    5 Technologies transforming the field service business

    Technology is ever evolving and is transforming the way businesses work. The introduction of cloud technology and smart held devices are the latest add-on to this. Field service management is one such field that has also witnessed advancement in its operation. The introduction of the latest technologies in the field, not only save time and […] More

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    Saankhya Labs unveils chipset to help curb call drop, facilitate 5G

    Saankhya Labs, which is a Bangalore based IT company has now revealed the first developed electronic chipset that can be used for the functions like the direct TV broadcast on the smartphones, curbing the calls drops and 5G connections. “Saankhya Labs, a Bengaluru-Based company is launching it’s indigenously designed and developed, the world’s first and […] More

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    6 Reasons why investors are investing more in mobile apps

    By 2022, it is forecasted that total mobile app downloads will hit about 258.2 billion. This forecasted growth in the market shows that mobile will become increasingly important in the future. Investors who adapt themselves according to these trends will benefit the most. There is clearly an opportunity existing in the market. It is important […] More

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    Interesting Mobile Phone Recycling Facts

    There are more mobile phones on the planet than there are people – about 7.2 billion which is 1 billion more than human beings. In the Unites States alone more than 150 million phones are dumped in the garbage every year. If all these were recycled they could power a small city for more than […] More

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    The XPhone, Pundi X’s new phone powered by blockchain

    Largest Crypto Startup Pundi X today has announced a new Blockchain powered smartphone which is called by the name as XPhone, at the ongoing XBlockchain event in Bali. Pundi X that is known for their crypto XPASS token card and XPOS which is a point of sale devices for retail transactions has revealed a blockchain […] More

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    Tech Industry Stand to Gain the Most by Targeting Millennials?

    From the point of view of a business, millennials are the most important of all the other customer groups and there are multiple reasons as to why that is the case. However, just like with any other age-based consumer group, certain industries are more suited to gear their products towards millennials than others, especially in […] More

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    Telecom sector’s future growth: Cosmos Strategy

    In the survey which has been conducted by the Cosmos Strategy – one of the country’s leading Strategic Consulting firms which is merely based out of Mumbai has revealed in a statement that the next leg of Nation’s growth potential to come from the Telecom and Retail Sector. The study reveals that the Telecom sector and Retail Sector in the country would going to […] More

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    Smartphones Now Going to feature a AI hardware or software

    Smartphones by quarter 4th will feature hardware or software accelerator AI. The A12 Bionic SoC using iOS 12 and ARKit 2, and the Kirin 980 chipset packed with two neural network processing units to enhance AI, we will be seeing 30% of smartphones produced in the 4th Quarter to be equipped with an AI accelerator. A […] More

  • Chinese Companies are Giving Established Tech Giants a Run for their Savvy Smartphone Models

    Chinese Companies Giving Run To Tech Giants For Tech Savvy Smartphones

    Chinese are always known for their ingenuity and also they have always worked towards maintaining their own economy because they have utilized the entrepreneurship and small businesses which you can start through Home Loans and this helps you to cope up with your small business needs and allows you to work without huge investments.Today, the mobile (cellular […] More

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    ASUS ROG Gaming Phone – Highest Specifications

    Asus had their launch event at Computex. After seeing the Razer phone last year there all some stuff that it does well. It has a great display and has an interesting build but it is not that much of a great phone. ROG phone at least on paper and sort of based on first impression […] More

  • Artificial Intelligence Role in Patient Engagement

    Artificial Intelligence Role in Patient Engagement

    Whether we like it or not, our daily life is influenced greatly by technologies. Technology directly associates with the huge consumer base that sweeps across many industries. healthcare which is revolutionizing the current scenario. AI And Its Roles AI has a huge impact since the introduction of personalized and cognitive healthcare scenario. The huge chunks […] More

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