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  • Quick Heal launches next-gen suite of cybersecurity solutions

    Quick Heal, which is an Indian cybersecurity solution provider has now revealed its next-generation suite of cybersecurity solutions for desktops and laptops, which the company claims is faster, lighter and smarter than its previous release. The new solutions include the upgraded versions of Quick Heal Total Security, Quick Heal Internet Security, and Quick Heal AntiVirus […] More

  • Is Having an App Still a Choice for SaaS Startups?

    As the demand for SaaS mobile App development is rising, you need to modernize your startup. The requirements for modernization include easy maintenance, low cost, zero space invasions, and freedom from outdated hardware. These are merely the upgrades you need to keep the SaaS business afloat. However, SaaS startups also gain attractive benefits from this. […] More

  • 7 Realities about Android App Development that Will Amaze You

    Mobile phones have simplified our lives. From searching to researching and from shopping to traveling, with the ease of mobile phones, we are now capable to handle our day-to-day requirements. When we say smartphones, many of us assume it as an android phone. According to the statement released by Google, there are 2 billion active […] More

  • Healthcare IoT, analytics, and mobile engagement: An optimistic panorama

    The healthcare industry is highly uncertain owing to the constantly changing regulations, reimbursement, and standards, especially regarding interoperability and care qualities. By the end of 2017, it was predicted that the healthcare institutes are expected to focus on advanced technologies to provide efficient and high quality care. The growing opioid epidemic due opioid overdose is […] More

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    Huawei Mate 20 Pro The World’s Most Advanced Smartphone?

    Breaking something of a market monopoly is a tall order. The fact that 82% of teenagers in the US have opted for an iPhone ahead of any Android-based competitors underlines the challenge that rivals face in toppling Apple’s prominence when it comes to smartphones. So why are we here discussing the latest effort from Huawei […] More

  • 3 predictions of how smartphones will be in future

    When it comes down to the aspect of mobile phones, it is almost amusing to think about just how primary and backward things were about two decades back when most people would go wide-eyed about the options of changing their background colour or favourite ringtone. Things have come so far from that point onwards in […] More

  • ‘InMobi’ makes you Glance at your smartphone

    Glance originates as a neoteric modernized way of smartphones where each time you glance at your mobile phone, the Android lock-screen service provides you with the high-quality, short-form content that surely grabs your mind. InMobi’s mobile-first platform Glance aims a simple agenda as reported by InMobi Founder and CEO Naveen Tewari, speaking of providing visually […] More

  • How to choose framework for mobile application development?

    Over these years I have been casting envious glances at modern web development tools, frameworks, and practices — dreaming of a working life filled with tech stack for mobile app development. Now to come up with anything rewarding and successful isn’t easy! You need to choose the right mobile technology stack. I will show you how? So, […] More

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    Top 5 Brand influencing Global Mobiles sales Q1 2019

    With the growing popularity of the smartphone market and the ways via which various brands are influencing the market, is changing every quarter of an year. Every quarter, there has been stiff competition between various mobile phone brands – out of which one company that always seems to beat its competitors, and that is Samsung. […] More

  • Things you should know about 5G

    The tech world is moving forward to the new technologies as well as evolving faster and the main motive of all the technology is to make human life easier and simpler and the most critical things to achieve in the technology world is accuracy in the less amount of time that indirectly related to the […] More

  • Oppo signs MoU with Telangna to support startups

    Chinese smartphone player Oppo on Tuesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Telangana, state government for the support and development of the startup eco-system in the state. According to the agreement, Oppo would be providing technical expertise and mentoring support to startups to lend a hand to the government for creating a supportive startup […] More

  • 5 Technologies transforming the field service business

    Technology is ever evolving and is transforming the way businesses work. The introduction of cloud technology and smart held devices are the latest add-on to this. Field service management is one such field that has also witnessed advancement in its operation. The introduction of the latest technologies in the field, not only save time and […] More

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