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  • How to Become an Instagram Influencer

    What comes into your mind first, when you think of becoming an Instagram influencer? One of the top and famous Instagram influencer, Rachel Brathen, is known to charge $25,000 for a single Instagram post. Of course, Rachel isn’t alone. There are numerous others influencer like her who are charging the same amount. When it comes to influencer […] More

  • What Is IGTV? How to Use Instagram's New TV App

    What Is IGTV? How to Use Instagram’s New TV App

    Vloggers these days are all hopping on the IGTV bandwagon! What is IGTV, you ask? It is an Instagram TV version that allows the users to upload longer than 15 seconds of vertical videos. IGTV is believed to give YouTube a run for its subscribers. To be honest I also discovered this new feature while I […] More

  • Social media aggregator Vs Social Media Apps?

    Today’s life without social media cannot be imagined. Social media basically refers to all the social networking platforms, networks and messaging applications which serve the purpose of sharing, keeping in touch and virtual socializing. Today you will find it extremely difficult to find a person who does not use social media to connect, post, share […] More

  • 5 Powerful Tools to Reach Your Target Audience at the Right Moment

    One aspect that any marketer cannot forget is the audience. Aren’t they the ones who get all your conversions! But don’t ever do the mistake of trying to appeal to everyone. Rather than trying to market and please everyone carve out a plan to find your target audience. Identifying and reaching out to your right […] More

  • Content Studio Review

    Review on Content Studio- Classic Social Media/ Content Marketing Platform The influence of viral content generating and virtual social media is prominent with long lasting impact on the business branding. To make your top brands popular, you should use the vast social media portal to motivate new customers for visiting the sites. It will be […] More

  • Social Media Icons

    7 Social Media Scheduling Tools in 2018

    In this article Let’s discuss related to Top 7 Social Media Scheduling Tools Available for online marketing. Everyone know very well social media is one of the best platform for promoting and advertising of your developer organization. It is only good option in Marketing used by Developers for success It is good platform for Multiple […] More

  • Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube on work time2

    Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube on work time

    Nowadays, people are adapting to mobile devices everywhere and it is impossible to prevent them from accessing the social media platform. So, every place is now insecure to an extent since people can easily share things through social media and that jeopardizes the security question to a great extent. Considering this scenario, security must evolve […] More