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  • World’s first AI news anchor unveiled in China

    The TV anchor has just joined a China News agency, but with some twist, that it is not a human. China state-run Xinhua News agency has launched and unveiled an Artificial Intelligence anchor, a move it also claims to be a world first. “English Artificial Intelligence Anchor” has debuted yesterday at the World Internet Conference […] More

  • Using AI to explain religious conflict

    The American Scientist has now developed an Artificial Intelligence system which can help in better understand which helps in triggering the religious violence. The study which has been revealed in the report for the Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, which is mostly focused on two cases of the extreme violence, firstly it is the conflict […] More

  • Baidu challenges Google with A.I. that translates languages

    Baidu, which is an internet giant search engine has now revealed an Artificial intelligence powered tool today which can easily translate the Chinese language into German in the real-time scenario, in a move to challenge a rival product from the IT Tech Search Giant Google. As of now, many of the translation services online allow […] More

  • Intel is planning for major data centre upgrades

    In an effort to hold off competition from the latest Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), one of the largest chipset maker company Intel is planning to upgrade its current chips by combining them with its new Optane memory technology. Nowadays we have seen that, the chipmaker has begun to rely on the data centre market to help drive […] More