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  • AWS and Cisco partner on container technology for hybrid cloud

    Cisco, which is a US-based network service provider has now collaborated with the Amazon Cloud Computing unit that is Amazon Web Services to offer a  product that will allow the developers to build the apps in the cloud and data centers. Moreover, this was going to be the Cisco first hybrid solutions for the Kubernetes […] More

  • Wipro partners with Check Point for cyber security solutions

    India third largest IT Tech company Wipro, has said that it has now partnered with the US-based cyber security firm CheckPoint to offer the cloud security services which is called by the name as CloudGuard laaS. laaS refers to the Infrastructure as a Service, which is a form of cloud computing which provides the virtualized […] More

  • Aavishkaar to raise $300 mn for Southeast Asia investments

    Avishkar Group, which is a Mumbai based Venture Capital, is now planning to raise $300 Million for its South Asia focused on the early next year to investor across the sector – financial services, energy, health, agriculture reported in its interaction with one of the firm senior executive. The fund, which is by the Aavihishkar […] More

  • Intel and Tencent debut AI-powered camera systems for retail

    Intel and Tencent are teaming up to launch up a pair of AI products for the retail, both the company announced at the event of Tencent Globel partner Conference in China. Both were developed by the Tencent YouTub Lab, which is its computer vision research division and also have intel Movidius Myriad chips inside it. […] More

  • MIT-developed AI learns language like a child does

    At the time of teaching language to the Artificial Intelligence system, we normally use the different set of annotations which describes how words really work. But this is not used in almost all the cases, even if everybody agresses on those annotations, it usually takes a lot of time to produce and can still seem […] More

  • Google Wants AI For Social Good

    One of the largest IT Tech Giant company, Google has revealed a new initiative which is called by the name as AI for Social Good, which aims to steer the vast company number of resources and expertise in the Artificial intelligence to projects with the positive impacts on the society. The initiative is a joint […] More

  • Cisco Chairman Invests in Cybersecurity Startup Lucideus

    Lucidus, which is a cybersecurity startup has now secured $5 Million in a funding round which was led by the Cisco chairman Emeritus Chambers. The company as of now has a plans to use the funds to increase its presence across the USS, and in the Indian market as well. The company also wants to […] More

  • AI can now predict the structure of chemical compounds

    Artificial Intelligence can help the chemist in cracking the molecular structure of crystal which is much faster than the traditional modeling methods, according to the research which is published in Nature Communications yesterday. Some of the scientist from the EPFL lab, which is a research institute based out of Switzerland, had also built a machine […] More

  • IBM is creating perfume using artificial intelligence

    Symrise, which is one of the largest and world-leading manufacturers of the flavorings and fragrances, is now going to create some of the creative paths. In collaboration with the IBM Research, the company as of now is currently developing a method of using the process of AI to create the perfumes which are based on […] More

  • IBM Watson Health and the VA Extend Partnership to Fight Cancer

    In the year 2016, as part of then-Vice President Joe Biden’s National Cancer Moonshot Initiative, the U.S. there was a collaboration which aimed at providing access to “precision treatment” options to more than 10,000 patients with cancer disease which is also known as one of the harsh disease as of now. The program has achieved a measure of […] More