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    IOT trends and predictions in 2019

    The world is emerging in the technology faster than the expected, so in the different technologies too apart from others IOT had always been in the limelight due to its various benefits in the daily usage of the things and has still maintained its position in the top technologies. It is assumed that the IoT […] More

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    Things you should know about 5G

    The tech world is moving forward to the new technologies as well as evolving faster and the main motive of all the technology is to make human life easier and simpler and the most critical things to achieve in the technology world is accuracy in the less amount of time that indirectly related to the […] More

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    Connected Cars: The Eyes of the Future

    Wireless technology and automotive electronics have grown and advanced to great degrees in recent years, enabling automobiles to offer additional functionalities beyond just traditional transport. Drivers today expect to have the same connectivity and experience when on the move as in their personal and professional lives, embrace an eco-friendly way of living, and improve vehicle […] More

  • Big data has extensive capabilities and a wide range of applications

    Big Data Trends that will Shape 2019

    The road ahead While 2018 saw continued growth and dependency on big data, the world also witnessed high-profile data breaches and online scams. Today, big data has become integral for business, particularly online business. Its growing dependency has manifested in a clear shift in the focus of business towards data-driven decision making. Companies, both large […] More

  • Top Trends Of Cloud Computing In 2019

    Top Trends Of Cloud Computing In 2019

    Cloud computing is an obscure service now turned in multi-million dollar business in the past few decades. Now we are going to discuss top trends in cloud computing this year. Cloud is just a digital version of the warehouse. Amazon web services launched the first cloud in August 2006. Later Google followed the footstep of […] More

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    Forecast of Enterprise Mobile Application Services Till 2023

    A mobile app specially developed in enterprise edition for an organization belonging to an organization is expected to be used by only workers of that business organization. The enterprise mobile app development market offers many opportunities for app developers. The increment in the total number of apps has inversely led to the development of the […] More

  • 5 Major Business Trends In Cloud Computing

    5 Major Business Trends In Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing established itself in 2018 as an important platform for many businesses who want to build innovative services. However, there is still progress that must be made before the operating system in the cloud can really be seen as a business activity as usual. Will we reach that point in 2019? Five experts give […] More

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    Popular Laser Cutting Technology Trends

    Laser is not just being used to beautify faces and bodies anymore, but also on stationary, advertisements, fabric and many other materials. Laser cut wedding invites, nametags, wine glasses etc. are the new thing that’s in trend for, not just the wedding industry but almost all other lifestyle manufacturing industries. It’s interesting to know that […] More

  • Prepare for Cloud Computing Technologies in 2018

    Prepare for Cloud Computing Technologies in 2018

    Unbelievable growth in Cloud Services Solutions The businesses and individual consumers alike will try to access early cloud services as Software as a Service (SaaS) has become more flexible and financially attractive. The number of cloud solutions available in the market today has also increased because the infrastructure and platform as a service (Iaas and […] More

  • Artificial Intelligence

    15 fantastic use cases that take the best of chatbots

      Forget apps. Now, given the possibility to interact using natural language, and the power of computer processing in their backend, conversational interfaces (chatbots) are the trend. Chatbots can be applied in a myriad of areas such as medical, financial, customer services, user assistance and the list goes on. From all these prospects, discover 15 […] More

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