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  • Tangible Broad Benefits of Virtual Reality

    Amidst all the hype and wide-eyed growth predicted for virtual reality, it’s often difficult for stakeholders to decide which of its two words to focus on. Will VR deliver only indirect, ‘virtual ‘benefits to businesses or direct, tangible benefits that become bottom-line reality? On this topic, today’s hype will definitely become tomorrow’s given. Even in […] More

  • How Businesses Can Market Emerging Tech to Grow Consumer Interest

    “Emerging tech” is a phrase that represents consumer optimism, some resentment, and even fear. Emerging technologies always represent the future: they are a preview into what we can expect in our future lives, however, also represent change, which often causes people to dislike or even fear them. People enjoy the status quo, and new technologies are […] More

  • Google’s Daydream science labs bring STEM experiments to VR

    It is not just always easy for STEM students who is going to come up and find enough lab time to get their work done with an ease, which is often essential for their degrees or colleges. Whether it is just more than to student demand, school budgets or students living far away from their […] More

  • Nazara Lays Next Bet On Offline VR Gaming By Investing In InstaSportz

    Leading mobile gaming company Nazara Technologies has picked up a 10% minority stake in Bengaluru-based VR gaming startup InstaSportz Consultancy Pvt Ltd. The company is expected to raise its stake from 10% to 26% by November. With the latest investment, Nazara is looking to enter the offline VR gaming space, in order to provide interactive entertainment via VR lounges […] More

  • Magic Leap promises google to launch this summer

    Magic Leap Inc. is ready to give their most promising and long awaited edition of mixed reality googles in this summer. The promising of the came out and announced a new investment along with an exclusive retail launch partner as the form of AT& T Inc. The “Magic Leap One Create Edition” this google was […] More

  • Trends and Use Cases in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

    Trends and Use Cases in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

    In the digital world of Industry 4.0, the main today is to integrate digital-cyber-virtual and physical world. This is not just a technical matter, in fact from a technological point of view everybody is thinking about the Internet of Things. However, we need to remember that Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are equally […] More

  • Key Technology changes in Supply Chain

    Gartner the industry analyst said that there are almost two thirds in supply chain profession to grip on technology that holding the main key of for securing the actual competitive majority. To enhance the growth an organization must find out how to the potential that can be used as cases like how the technology will […] More

  • HTC Vive’s Libraries going to introduce VR headsets

    On the same date a year ago Oculus launched its VR headsets to 90 different libraries in California. Now HTC Vive’s Libraries Program has come up with VR headsets in 110 different libraries of California and Navada. These VR headsets was launched HTC to give best VR experience to everyone with HTC has also entered […] More

  • Former Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacob started Xcom Aims 5G

    Paul Jacobs’ new San Diego startup Xcom is appropriately named. It is as yet an extremely obscure reaction to the indistinct circumstance with Qualcomm, the previous home of its three organizers. Jacobs reported Xcom with a tweet (underneath), taking note of that Qualcomm’s previous president and CTO — Derek Aberle and Matt Grob — are […] More

  • How 3d and VR are changing the gaming industry

    Technology is evolving speedily, particularly within the vice trade. VR headsets and controllers square measure creating their manner into the hand of the shoppers. computer game creates a virtual world round the user, simulates his physical look within the surroundings and controllers permit him to act with the virtual world. Before VR, vice has largely […] More

  • Does the Xbox still make sense in a mobile gaming world?

    Does the Xbox still make sense in a mobile gaming world?

    There was once a time when Xbox was the dream of every child and gaming was not cool without an Xbox at home. However, those moments belong to a different decade as the last ten years have quite clearly changed what you understand as gaming. That is why, in all probability, Microsoft left no stones […] More

  • Trends Future of Mobile Apps

    Trends and Future of Mobile Apps

    Mobile application is almost synonymous with the meteoric rise of smartphones in the market. A recent statistics has revealed that nearly 200 billion downloads have been achieved around the globe. The number is staggering, to say the least. The last decade has seen a revolution in technology where everything you do, hear or say are […] More

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