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  • Nubia Alpha – the World’s First Wearable Smartphone

    The launch of Nubia Alpha in 2019, featuring a flexible OLED display and gesture control, would merge the form factors of a smartphone and smartwatch. There has been enormous hype surrounding the arrival of flexible and/or foldable touchscreen in the market. Recently, Samsung unveiled its new Infinity Flex Display, a display technology that allows a […] More

  • IoT and Mobile App Development: A Great Combination to Develop Your Business

     Currently, IoT (Internet of Things) is a great methodology in the world of automation, which has helped it in getting popularity among the enterprises and industries. IoT is no more a new matter which people should know in detail. It’s now a famous stage and the IT industry and the business world are completely aware […] More

  • Must-Have Items for Mechanical Watch Owners

    To all horology enthusiasts out there, we’re posing a serious question: how are you taking care of your favorite mechanical timepieces? True watch lovers know that there’s a world of difference in taking care of automatic, quartz, and mechanical timepieces. What sets a mechanical watch apart is its complex movement system. The watch is powered […] More

  • Tangible Broad Benefits of Virtual Reality

    Amidst all the hype and wide-eyed growth predicted for virtual reality, it’s often difficult for stakeholders to decide which of its two words to focus on. Will VR deliver only indirect, ‘virtual ‘benefits to businesses or direct, tangible benefits that become bottom-line reality? On this topic, today’s hype will definitely become tomorrow’s given. Even in […] More

  • 5 “Smart” Things That Make Our Life Easier

    Life is getting amazingly simpler as the gadgets around us are getting smarter. With over 50 billion devices expected to be in the connected market by 2020, let us check out a few fruits of the Internet of Things revolution that will help us in our day to day life: Connected cars: With increase in […] More

  • Microsoft developing BP-monitoring smart glasses

    Largest IT tech Giant company, Microsoft is going to develop the next version of its smart glasses, which is known by the name as Glabella, that can work as a cuff-less, wearable and unobtrusive blood pressure measuring device, according to a new report which has revealed. The device is also going to be come up […] More

  • This Recyclable E-Skin Could Solve Our E-waste Problem

    Sustainable sense of the word, is one of the hardest tasks in making the fashion tech and wearables tech ‘smart’ which is finding a way to deal or prevent the creation of e-waste, the UN University in their “Global e-waste Monitor 2014” has revealed that the amount of global e-waste generation is expected to be […] More

  • Monetizing IoT devices

    The internet of things is a massive platform. It is a network that grows and matures everyday. Currently, around 5 billion people are connected to this network and it is estimated that it shall become a potential market with 7 billion drivers by 2020. Lot of people are eyeing on this for sector for monetisation. […] More

  • Technology Role in healthcare advancement

    The betterment and reeling in of innovations in technology have brought in some tremendous advancements in every field. Similarly, in the field of healthcare, it has been no less than a boon. It has been helping in improving the lives of people since decades now. The various surgical equipment or the new intelligent detectors have […] More

  • NXP Mobile wallet solution for wearables and IoT

    One of the continuous difficulties for gadget makers is the means by which they climb the esteem chain and offer framework level arrangements that can include more system level solutions. Tending to the versatile wallet ecosystem community, NXP Semiconductors has built up a conclusion to-end equipment and programming answer for OEMs hoping to add portable […] More