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  • WhatsApp Rolls Out ‘Suspicious Link Indicator’ for Android Beta Users

    WhatsApp which is one of the world largest Instant Messaging app in an effort to combat spam, spoofing and phishing on its platform had recently started testing the Suspicious Link Indicator feature in Android beta version 2.18.204. But as of now this testing was limited to a very small number of beta users. Now, WhatsApp has rolled out […] More

  • WhatsApp for Android Gets ‘Mute’ Button in Notifications

    WhatsApp in the last week has reportedly started testing ‘Mark as Read’ and ‘Mute’ buttons to make it easier for users to take actions on new WhatsApp messages directly from their notifications bar. Now, the Facebook-backed instant messaging app has rolled out the Mute button for all users having the latest WhatsApp beta version on their Android smartphone. The […] More

  • Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube on work time2

    Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube on work time

    Nowadays, people are adapting to mobile devices everywhere and it is impossible to prevent them from accessing the social media platform. So, every place is now insecure to an extent since people can easily share things through social media and that jeopardizes the security question to a great extent. Considering this scenario, security must evolve […] More

  • Google’s Allo vs Whatsapp vs Facebook Messanger

    Google released their new chat app titled Allo into the Play store and it has already gotten about 10,000 downloads in about a day (at the time of writing this article). Allo is vetted as a straight competition to Whatsapp and Facebook messenger and we take a look at the good, the bad and the […] More

  • WhatsApp messages are not being deleted from our phones

    WhatsApp, the app which is probably the most used app on the Smartphones of current generation, might just not be as safe as being contested by the company. According to famous iOS researcher Jonathan Zdziarski, he has concrete proof that the popular messenger is retaining the deleted messages of its users. WhatsApp’s move to go […] More

  • Here’s how you can use the new WhatsApp font

    WhatsApp came into our lives more than half a decade ago, and since then has pretty much managed to take over our lives and make the ages-old messaging system a thing of the past. For most of us, our day starts by checking our WhatsApp messages and ends pretty much the same way. With the […] More