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  • YouTube will speak in your language more

    Google-owned video sharing and discovery platform YouTube is banking on vernacular content to expand its business in India. The company expects to witness vernacular content in Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali to grow by 40%, by the next year. During an interview with economic times, Marc Lefkowitz, head of YouTube Content Creator and Artist Development […] More

  • Difference between Android GO vs Android Apps

    Demand for smartphones in emerging with affordable Apps in the market. This is the reason why Google wants to provide the user with a new generation of reasonable Apps. The Aim is to offer such apps that work faster, provides more storage, and help reduce data consumption. With this brilliant idea, it could allow Google […] More

  • What is YouTube Red? and its features

    Youtube is the most extensive collection of videos. It is like a sea, which has both weeds and corals. Some of which are great shows, and series but are filled with ads, and there are other problems too with free Youtube. In this scenario comes Youtube Red. A subscription-based service, which promises to enhance Youtube […] More

  • YouTube gave a example of how Google's AI is helping the entire company

    YouTube gave a example of how Google’s AI is helping the entire company

    Google is taking measures to improve its ability to spot objectionable content by sixfold within a matter of weeks, according to a report in Fast Company, as the company tries to calm advertisers and European leaders alarmed by some of its online fares. YouTube and rival Facebook are racing to improve AI-powered technology that spots […] More

  • Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube on work time2

    Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube on work time

    Nowadays, people are adapting to mobile devices everywhere and it is impossible to prevent them from accessing the social media platform. So, every place is now insecure to an extent since people can easily share things through social media and that jeopardizes the security question to a great extent. Considering this scenario, security must evolve […] More